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'Abbott Elementary' Season One Earns Top Score On Rotten Tomatoes

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By Favour Adegoke on April 17, 2022 at 4:00 AM EDT

The workplace sitcom "Abbott Elementary" just concluded its first season. The popular series was created by Quinta Brunson, who also starred in it. After its debut late last year, the show became one of the most talked-about series with a massive amount of viewers.

"Abbott Elementary" was unsurprisingly renewed for its second season on ABC. While there aren't details on the release date, the series is expected to hit the screens at the beginning of the 2022-2023 TV season, September 2022.

Since its release, the show grew to be one of the most-watched comedies of the year, especially among the 18-49 demographic. Not surprisingly, it scored a perfect 100 per cent on the critics' website, Rotten Tomatoes, being one of the few series to achieve that feat.

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'Abbott Elementary' Earned Top Score In Rotten Tomatoes

ABC's "Abbott Elementary" recently joined the ranks of some of the top series of all time. Some of which are "Mad Men," "Breaking Bad," and "Fleabag." The mockumentary series earned a perfect score for its first season on the critic platform Rotten Tomatoes, at 1oo% but dropped a little bit after a few more reviews came in. It's one of the highest-rated TV series with the said score.

The website's post about the series read, "'Abbott Elementary' earns top marks for its emphatic yet sidesplitting critique of the U.S education system, plus some extra credit for a deftly handled will-they-won't-they dynamic."

The scoring on the website is mainly decided by film and TV critics. Around 440 audience ratings scored the show 90 percent, while the 36 reviews from the critics totalled 97 percent.

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'Abbott Elementary' Was Released In December 2021

The sitcom made its debut in December last year and had Brunson as the creator and the lead character. Brunson played an optimistic second-grade teacher named Janine Teagues, who made it her goal to help the lives of her young students in the public school, Abbott Elementary.

Other stars in the workplace comedy include Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, Chris Perfetti, Lisa Ann Walter and Sheryl Lee Ralph. The series followed the lives of many dedicated educators and their determination to ensure their students' success.

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The first episodes met with critical acclaim and a heightened interest in social media. Over a 35 day period, the pilot episode released on December 7, 2021, increased to around 7.1 million followers through "linear and digital platforms." According to ABC, its 300% increase is the "largest percentage growth for any new comedy premiere" they previously had.

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'Abbott Elementary' Was Renewed For A New Season

Due to how successful the first season was, it's no surprise that it was renewed for a second season. The show aired its last episode of the season on Tuesday. ABC made the announcement through a letter from Principal Ava Coleman, played by James.

"Faculty and Students (aka My Fans)," the note read. "The camera crew I hired to showcase all that I've made happen at our beautiful school thinks I'm a star. I mean, are we surprised? No, we're not :). With that said, it is with great pleasure that I share they'll be returning for the 2022-2023 school year! That's right— 'Abbott Elementary' season two is coming to a screen near you."

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Ralph Said 'Abbott Elementary' Cast Are Close Off-Screen

One of the most prominent things about "Abbott Elementary" is the obvious closeness between the teachers in the school. According to Ralph, who played Barbara Howard, this was the same off-camera. In an interview with People, the actress revealed that the cast actually liked each other and looked "forward to seeing each other."

She said, "I've done a lot of series. This does not happen very often to actors. You are not often — if ever — put in a group of people who actually like each other, who actually look forward to seeing each other. It's not hype. It's not fake. We fit together like a zipper. We just lock perfectly together, and it is a dream come true fir all of us."

The 65-year-old also mentioned that the show's success wasn't particularly surprising to her. In a conversation she previously had with Williams, who played Gregory Eddie, Ralph revealed they knew they'd done "something very special" with the series.

Ralph recalled, "We were shooting the pilot, and one day the two of us just looked at each other, and we said it, 'We have something very special here.' And the success has not surprised either one of us. We love what we're doing, and it's been an amazing, amazing journey."

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