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Chris Rock’s Brother Has A LOT To Say, Hints Will Smith Feud Isn’t Over

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By Kristin Myers on March 30, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

It seems Chris Rock hasn’t buried the hatchet with Will Smith after the infamous Oscars slap. Although Diddy had previously said that it was “all love” between the two, Chris’ younger brother Tony took to Twitter to answer fan questions and the answers are pretty concerning.

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Chris Rock’s Brother Said ‘Yep’ When Asked If Diddy Was Lying About The Feud Being Over

On Twitter, one fan asked, “so Diddy was lying when he said Chris and Will made up that night and are good now?”

“Yep,” he responded.

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Given Will Smith’s public apology on Monday, many fans thought that the “King Richard” actor had spoken to Chris privately. However, Tony seemed to indicate that wasn’t the case.

One fan asked, “given you worked with the smiths for some years on all of us and will has never done something like this in decades of him being public if he speaks directly to Chris and the rock family are you open?”

Tony replied, “Waiting…”

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When a fan asked, “should the Oscar be taken back? Should Chris get it for his remarkable composure during a live assault?” Tony answered, “Not my call.”

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Another fan wrote, “Replace your brother with Jerry Seinfeld on the stage that night, Would the narrative still be the same or Will Smith be locked up by LAPD?”

Tony replied, “You know.”

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He also revealed that he was not present at the Oscars ceremony on Sunday, saying “H--- no” when asked.

“More importantly how is @chrisrock and would he check mate on his comedy tour?” another fan asked.

Tony replied, “still rich.”

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When one fan asked, “Are we fighting fire with fire or going the professional route?” Tony replied, “It’s on bro.”

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Another fan asked, “Who you think hits harder Will or Jada boyfriend?” Tony replied, “Mama Rock.”

When one fan asked “Do you approve of the apology?” Tony replied, “No.” It was that tweet that seemed to channel a huge wave of comments with fans weighing in to give their opinion.

Chris Rock's Brother Says He Does NOT Approve Of Will Smith's Apology

“I agree I wouldn’t except the apology either !” one fan wrote. “Stand with your brother! That’s also had nothing to do with that joke period! Will have something going on and just took it out on Chris ! He was tooo angry for nothing.”

“Do you have or know someone with an autoimmune disease? Would you make fun of them or accept someone else making fun of them?” another user asked. “Violence is not the answer, ever, but Chris owes Jada an apology as much as Will owes Chris.”

“Yes, I think the public apology was a needed one and a very sincere one,” another fan shared. “That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t personally get together with Chris Rock and discuss what happened or issue a face-to-face apology. I also think you should stay out of it; it’s not about YOU!”

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Will Smith Chris Rock

“What if the shoe was on the other foot. Are you saying that if this happened to you that your sister wouldn’t be concerned like Chris Rock’s brother is?” another user asked. “You know she would be. If Tony wasn’t doing anything people would be sitting back talking. Family looks after family. Blessings!”

Other users said that it was Chris Rock who was in the wrong. “Making jokes about someone's medical problem or disability is wrong,” one user commented. “Unfortunately, many people are overlooking it--supporting the idea that it's okay to joke about someone's medical problem they're struggling with.”

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“I am not a follower of Chris Rock’s career, but I am almost sure that he does not make a habit of making jokes about someone’s health condition,” another wrote. “Everyone who is bashing Chris Rock… first see if he knew Jada has a health condition… I know I did not know.”

Chris Rock has yet to make an official statement but he declined to press charges against Smith on Sunday night.

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