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Must-See Moments From the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Opening Ceremony

By TheBlast Staff

The 2018 Olympic Games have begun!!! Cue the dramatic slow-motion cheering to Chariots of Fire.

The Opening Ceremony kicked off on Friday, February 9th in PyeongChang and you probably missed them because ya know, time differences, but fear not we have all the best moments right here.

Olympic luger Erin Hamlin had the honor of carrying the flag for Team USA (an honor that didn't come without controversy.) The team of nearly 250 athletes from the United States walked into the Opening Ceremony extravaganza to "Gangnam Style," which was kinda weird.

North and South Korea marched under one flag (that's kinda a huge deal,) Veep Mike Pence was there and there was also a K-Pop medley.

While there may be differences in our cultures or policies, the Olympics prove that one thing can unify us all as one world, one voice, one people ... the sexy, oiled up Tongan flag-bearer.


The Olympic rings went high-tech, appearing in the sky via drones. There were spectacular fireworks and, of course, a massive Olympic torch that will glow throughout the competition.

NBC is airing a replay of the Opening Ceremony at 8pm ET.

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