‘Love Is Blind’ Shake Asks Fans To ‘Give Me Your Worst,' And Gets It

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By Kristin Myers on March 19, 2022 at 2:30 PM EDT

Abhishek Chatterjee, better known as Shake, was a contestant on season 2 of “Love Is Blind.”

Shake has fully embraced his reputation as the “villain” of the series and took to Instagram on Friday to encourage fans to “give me your worst.” Although Shake says that his brutal honesty is just what everyone else is thinking, others have perceived his “honesty” as cruelty and think that some things are better left unsaid.

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Shake Embraces 'Love Is Blind' Backlash, Asks Fans To 'Give Me Your Worst'

“Happy Friday ?” Shake wrote in the comment. “Ps. Comments are on. Give me your worst (but have some respect and leave my incredible woman out of it).”

Only the day before, Shake posted a photo of his new girlfriend, Emily, who was not aware of the show when they started dating. In the caption, he wrote, “Good things come to those who w̶a̶i̶t̶ don’t settle.“

However, many fans showered the post with comments like “this poor girl…” and “the girl deserves better.”

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Shake 6
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“Nothing’s thing wrong with her, it’s YOU,” another wrote. “You can choose to word things a different way, but you’re choosing to do it in a way that’s just condescending.”

“Ok sooo let it go now........ I wish you had learned something about respecting women,” another commented. “That's why no relationship will work until you do..... no idea how that chick is dating you - oh wait she sees an opportunity for ‘fame.’”

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Fans Criticize The Way That Shake Treated Deepti On ‘Love Is Blind’


During his time on the Netflix reality dating show, Shake was engaged to Deepti Vempati. However, he frequently criticized her physical appearance and said that being with her was like being with his aunt. Things got so bad that several of the other male “Love Is Blind” contestants actually approached Deepti in private to tell her about the terrible things that he was saying about her behind her back.

At the altar, Deepti turned Shake down, saying, “I’m choosing myself.”

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Deepti Vempati 3

“Didn’t you issue an apology for your lack of tact to Deepti? Dude. You weren’t attracted to her, that’s fine… just stop making such a big deal out of it,” one fan wrote. “Stop flaunting your new catch, saying good things come to those who wait etc. Not necessary. Stop throwing jabs at appearances. Very unbecoming. For someone who is highly educated (as am I), you should know better.”

“The fact you continue to dig at the whole situation shows how little respect you have for Deepti and how empty your apology was. But hey I wish you luck in your new relationship,” another commented.

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Deepti and Shake from Love Is Blind season 2
Instagram / thepuppydoc

“Could you not have shared your new relationship without including being rude to Deepti?” another asked. “No class.”

“Deepti just reached one million…for being classy,” another noted. “Try as you may with your iNcrEDible woman who seems in it for clout, but you’ll never get the same reach cuz you’re #fake news.”

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Did Anyone Decide To Defend Shake?

Shake 5

Although he received many critical comments, there were at least a few people in Shake’s corner.

“Ok guys, I too have had the worst opinion of him but in all honesty - it has to stop at a certain point,” one user wrote. “In the end, he too is human and everybody makes mistakes. Let him be. Life is about growth, nobody should be defined by one moment in time. Good luck Shake and godspeed. Truly. ❤️”

“I support your honesty ? love seeing you happy! Keep being you,” another said.

“People are just too emotional. We don’t all want the same type of love and we don’t all give them same type of love. I hate compliments, I hate romantic gestures, surprises, dates.. unless it’s at a library, museum , nature or art. Can’t stand receiving presents,” another shared. “The majority of my female friends like these things. Chances are we won’t attract or love the same type of person. SHAKE IS THE MAN.”

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Shake Love Is Blind
Instagram Stories / thepuppydoc

“Couldn’t agree more with you, those people deserve some truth to their face and you delivered,” another wrote. “That was the best part of the entire show.”

“I need a reality show with you in it as the main character ??????” another wrote. “I respect people so much who are free thinkers and always say their truth no matter what. So many people rather hear sweet lies or half truths but there are some of us that prefer the opposite.”

Although it’s not really clear why Shake created the post, at least one person noted, “These comments do not understand the assignment.”

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