The Braxton family at We TV's premiere of Braxton Family Values at STK

Evelyn Braxton Tributes Late Daughter Traci: 'Forever In My Heart'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on March 17, 2022 at 7:00 AM EDT

Evelyn Braxton is mourning the passing of her beloved daughter Traci who had an unpublicized battle with esophageal cancer for years.

Traci was a renowned media personality and singer missed by fans far and wide. She remains remembered by her mother and siblings.

The grieving matriarch took to social media with a heartwarming tribute and a recount of the moments before her daughter gave up the ghost.

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Evelyn Braxton Pens Raw Tribute to Decreased Daughter Traci

On Monday, March 14, Evelyn updated her Instagram page with a touching tribute to Traci, who passed away on March 12.

The "Braxton Family Values" star expressed that she shared secrets and slept in the same bed as her wonderful daughter before she became terminally ill.

Evelyn recounted that Traci told her she would beat her disease, and she would reply that her daughter would recover without a doubt. She continued:

"As days, weeks, and months passed, she held on to her determination that she could be an example for someone else, that she could perhaps help them through this heinous disease !!"

The loving mother recalled watching her offspring grow in strength and determination while praying for her healing. She added that Traci maintained God's Peace and never complained. She added:

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"She fought a good fight and held on until she could not hold on anymore. Only to realize that sometimes healing is not on this side of God‘s kingdom, but it lies on the other side in the bosom of God."

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Evelyn posited that her daughter is only absent from her body but present with the lord. She also thanked God for the five decades he gave her to be in the world. She wrote:

"Thank you, Lord, for 50 years you have given me and my family and the world with Traci and allowing me to be her Mommy. It will always be a empty place in my heart that will never be fulfilled."

The loving matriarch noted that she may have been Traci's birth mother, but the late actress came from God. She expressed that her daughter would be missed because her family loved her.

Evelyn concluded by thanking God for loaning her Traci, who she called a beautiful treasure that will never be forgotten. She chose not to complain over her circumstances but to be grateful instead. 

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The Blast disclosed that Traci passed away on Saturday, March 12, after an undisclosed battle with cancer that went on for years. Traci's husband Kevin Surrat released a statement to TMZ that read:

"We have come to a time where we must inform the public that after a year of privately undergoing a series of treatment for Esophageal cancer, our beloved Traci Braxton has gone on to glory."

The outlet confirmed that the late "Sinners Wanted" actress gave up the ghost while surrounded by her mother, sister, and close ones.

Who Are The Five Braxton Sisters?

The Braxton family at We TV's premiere of Braxton Family Values at STK

The Sun took a look at the famous five Braxton sisters' history. The eldest of the musical bunch is Toni, born on October 7, 1967. 

The 54-year-old has ten studio albums under her belt and a whopping seven Grammy Awards in her arsenal.

The second eldest sister was Traci, whose birthday was April 2, 1971. Traci is remembered as a singer and media personality.

The late star grew up doing performances with her siblings and, in October 2014, released her debut solo album.

The third eldest is Trina, whose birthday is December 3, 1974. She is not just a singer but also a reality television personality. She dropped her first solo single, "Party or Go Home," in March 2012.

The fourth sister is Towanda, born on September 18, 1973. She grew up with her sisters in Severn, Maryland. 

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Towanda is an actress and producer whose many projects include "Misguided Behavior" released in 2017, "Merry Wish-Mas," which premiered in 2018, and "Envision," which came out in 2021.

Last but not least is Tamar Braxton, who joined the family on March 17, 1977. She is also a TV personality and singer.

Tamar worked as a co-host for the famous daytime talk show "The Real" from 2013 and 2016. She became the winner of season two of "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2019.

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