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Dwayne Johnson, Idina Menzel Ace NotMyName Challenge

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By Rima Pundir on February 7, 2022 at 11:18 AM EST

The #NotMyName TikTok challenge is the latest to go viral and the celebrities gave hopped right in, with Alicia Silverstone leading the brigade. For those of us who know less about social media and even lesser about its various "challenges", the Not My Name challenge plays to the eponymous song by The Tings Tings from 2008, "That's Not My Name."

Celebrities post a video with their name written on the starting frames and then the video moves on to a montage of pictures, or videos, of them in their most famous on-screen avatars. While some, like Juliette Lewis, have got theirs edited to include as many characters as they can, Mayim Bialik's is a tad empty. But we have to give credit to Idina Menzel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, for really leveling it up.

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Dwayne Johnson Puts In His Rap

Dwayne Johnson reminds people of his name
Instagram | The Rock

First, let's get to the man himself who not only did an excellent version of the Not My Name challenge but also managed to put in his song, Tech N9ine's "Face Off" in it. It starts with him flexing his muscles as the caption declares, "My name is Dwayne Johnson, but they call me..."

And then the names start coming in, of not just his movie characters but also harking back to the time he was a wrestler.

The video captions the lists out all his names, "Flex Kavana, The Scorpion King, The Tooth Fairy, Luke Hobbs, The Rock, The People's Elbow, Maui, Dr. Bravestone, Robbie Wierdicht, Krypto, Mitch Buchannon, People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, Daddy and finally, Black Adam!"

And then the video pans to The Rock's rapping talents as he ends his song with "what's my motherf***ing name Rock!"

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But fans felt he forgot one name, writing, "You forgot our fave, Dwanta Claus."

Another fan had even more sweet words as they wrote, "Your name is a good man, great father, most giving, great husband, awesome friend, one of the hardest working man I met and most importantly a humble human being. That’s why more blessings will be heading your way, Dewey."

Here's The Rock, reminding you of his name.

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Idina Menzel's NotMyName Flex

Best and Worst Hairstyles at the Oscars

Singer, actress, and now author Idina Menzel also used this challenge to flex on John Travolta. Her #NotMyName challenge started the same way, as the caption read, "My name is Idina, but they call me…"

The montage then showed her various popular theatrical and movie roles, including Elphaba in "Wicked", Maureen in "Rent", Nancy in "Enchanted", Rachel's mom in "Glee", and Elsa in "Frozen" before moving on to a picture of John Travolta with a caption of question marks below.

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The incident refers to the 2014 Academy Awards when Travolta came on stage to introduce Menzel and messed up her name, badly, by calling her Adele Dazeem. Later, Travolta came on the show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and explained how a backstage run-in with Goldie Hawn and phonetic spelling of Menzel's name "threw him off his game."

Menzel has always been sporting about it, and in 2015, she returned to the Oscars, this time presenting Travolta with an award, but introducing him as "Glom Gazingo".

Fans still remember the flub, writing, "I was so glad to witness the ?????? one up close and personal. It was EPIC."

Another fan was also floored, commenting, "I was really hoping you would go there … and you did not disappoint."

Here's Idina Menzel doing her thing.

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Other Celebrities Rocking The NotMyName Challenge

Alicia Silverstone kickstarts NotMyName Challenge

With Alicia Silverstone starting the trend, plenty more celebrities jumped in the fray. Halle Berry did a cool one, adding the caption "and I answer to them all", mentioning Patience, Jinx, and Catwoman, of course.

Selma Blair added her version, writing, "had to do one too" as did Jennifer Garner, who wrote, "My name is Jen".

We leave you with Drew Barrymore rocking the challenge as well, as fans say, "Dylan Sanders is my hero (and has been for 20 years)" and "Josie!!!! Never been kissed will always be one of my favorite movies ever!!"

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