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Holly Madison Talks Past Experience With Ex Hugh Hefner In Playboy Mansion

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on January 25, 2022 at 1:15 PM EST

Holly Madison opened up about the untold truths of the Playboy Mansion and her past traumatic experiences with Hugh Hefner.

There is more than meets the eye about the happenings in the residence of the Playmates, and Madison spared no details. 

The founder and editor-in-chief of the famous magazine may have passed away in 2017, but allegations against him have risen in his absence.

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Holly Madison Recounts Traumatic Experience At The Playboy Mansion

Madison peeled the onion of secrets regarding her relationship with Hefner and her time at his mansion in a new A&E series titled "Secrets of Playboy," according to PEOPLE.

The 42-year-old told all in the 10-part docuseries, which focuses on unraveling the "dark sides" and unseen realities behind the Playboy empire.

Madison, famous for being Hefner's main girlfriend from 2001 to 2008, previously spoke about their relationship in her 2015 exposé, "Down the Rabbit Hole."

During the series premiere on Monday, January 24, the former Playboy personality led the second episode and spoke on joining the mansion in her early 20s.

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Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner
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Madison admitted to being drawn to the spotlight because it could be a shortcut to fame. So she chose the Playboy route like Anna Nicole Smith and Pamela Anderson.

The "Girls Next Door" star described the Playboy experience as cult-like. She noted she was gaslit to love Hefner, culminating in Stockholm Syndrome. She explained:

"Stockholm syndrome is when somebody starts to identify with somebody who's their captor in some way, and I feel like I did that with Hef 100 percent."

Madison blamed the drama in the mansion on other playmates when Hefner pitted them against each other. She also felt isolated as the main girlfriend until Bridget Marquardt arrived in 2002.

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The TV personality explained that looking identical gave Hefner a feeling of control over the playmates, so plastic surgery became compulsive.

Madison's frustrations led her to cut her hair about six months in. This decision made the Playboy founder scream that it made her "look old, hard and cheap."

The "Holly's World" star never left because Hefner was highly respected. She also feared he had a mountain of revenge porn.

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The TV star accused the late editor-in-chief of taking all kinds of naked pictures of the women when they were intoxicated and printing copies to pass around.

Madison drank heavily to cope with things and even contemplated suicide after one of the group bedroom moments with Hefner and the playmates. "The Telling" actress said:

"Everybody was leaving and walking out and I was in the bathtub. I just wanted to drown myself. I just felt like I was in this cycle of misery."

Madison's casting in E! 's "Girl Next Door"—which showcased the lives of Hefner and his three girlfriends, Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson— gave her confidence and purpose.

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In 2008, other girls left the house, and "The Vegas Diaries" author thought she would finally have a committed relationship. Unfortunately for her, Hefner became meaner. Madison said of her decision to leave:

"I had been locked into the mentality of the mansion, and had felt like there's no other future for me outside. But I finally saw him for who he was and I had to go."

The former playmate noted, "the time at Playboy really caused some damage. I've had different types of therapy and stuff since I left." Catch "Secrets of Playboy" every Monday on A&E.

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The "Holly's World" Star Recounts Mortifying First Sex With Hugh Hefner

Madison recalled her first traumatic sexual encounter on the December 13 episode of the "Power: Hugh Hefner" podcast.

The Blast disclosed that the mother-of-two said, "I was wasted. He was literally pushed on top of me." Afterward, she was mortified and embarrassed with a lingering emotional impact. 

This happened on a bed with other playmates after a club night out. Madison was not expecting to have sex that night and was horrified that others knew about it.

Playboy Dissociates With The Hefner Family And Promises Positive Change

Playboy has thrown the Hefner family off-board and dusted their hands clean following the new charges against the deceased magazine publisher.

In a statement, Playboy expressed that they trust and validate the women's stories and "believe safety, security, and accountability are paramount, and anything less is inexcusable."

The PLBY Group leadership team claims that "Today's Playboy is not Hugh Hefner's Playboy," and they will confront any parts of their legacy which does not reflect their current values.

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