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Holly Madison Was 'Mortified' & 'Embarrassed' After First Intimate Encounter With Hugh Hefner!

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By MLC on December 15, 2021 at 3:48 PM EST

Former Playboy Playmate, Holly Madison, recalls being ‘wasted’ during her first sexual encounter with Hugh Hefner.

As glamorous as the media made the Playboy Mansion appear, it was anything but according to Holly.

The reality TV star called her first-time having sex with Hefner ‘traumatic.’

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Holly Madison says sex with Hef was 'traumatic'

Holly Madison in a pink dress

She was nearly incoherent when the encounter happened and said he was ‘pushed’ on her.

During an appearance on the “Power: Hugh Hefner” podcast on Monday, December 13, Madison said, “I was wasted. He was literally pushed on top of me. And after it happened, I was just mortified and embarrassed, and it had way more of an emotional impact on me than I thought it would.”

The former Playmate recalled being out at a club the night she had sex with Hefner. Following the club, she and a group of women went back to the mansion which is when things got hairy.

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Hef preferred multiple women in his bed

Hugh Hefner with the 'Girls Next Door' cast

“I wasn’t necessarily expecting to have sex that night. I thought it would be more of a first date — even though, obviously, it’s not a very traditional first date,” she said. “I thought it would be more the type of thing where I saw what happened, saw what was going on. If I wasn’t comfortable with it, I wouldn’t have to do anything and I could make my decision on whether I wanted to come back for date No. 2 or not.”

Turns out Holly was very wrong and never got the chance to make a decision.

Holly revealed she was ‘horrified’ that so many people knew she had sex with the Playboy creator.

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“I thought he was really smart, I really looked up to him, so I liked him, and it wasn’t that the idea of possibly having sex with him repelled me so much,” Madison said. “It was more the group aspect that was really out of my comfort zone and just the feeling of ‘Wow, OK, that happened. Everybody knows it happened.’”

Holly explained, “I kind of all of a sudden felt like everybody was going to know about me, and I was horrified by it.”

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Holly was 'horrified' by the encounter

Holly Madison with Hugh Hefner

The former Playmate and late-Playboy dated from 2001 to 2008, and their love story was documented on “Girls Next Door” on E!

Obviously, Hefner wasn’t only having sex with Holly during their relationship, which is something she’s been very vocal about since breaking up with him.

Holly recalled her time at the Playboy Mansion being tumultuous, and described her relationship with Hefner as ‘toxic.’

Fans of Holly and inquiring minds alike will get an in-depth look into the Playboy Mansion in January when the premiere of the A&E docuseries “Secrets of Playboy” airs.

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