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Farrah Abraham Pressed Face Down Into Dirt During Saturday Arrest

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By MLC on January 16, 2022 at 7:15 PM EST

Farrah Abraham is starting the new year off with a face slam into the dirt.

The “Teen Mom” star was arrested on Saturday, January 15 outside a Hollywood, CA. nightclub.

According to an exclusive report from TMZ, the former porn star was arrested for allegedly slapping a security guard at a club.

Law enforcement officials say she was arrested at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood where she and a friend were partying.

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Farrah Gets Arrested For Allegedly Hitting Security Guard


Farrah reportedly got belligerent at the club and was asked to leave. This request led the reality TV star to start swinging at security.

The cops were not initially called, but rather the paramedics were called to the scene; however, given Farrah’s belligerent state, someone called the cops for backup.

A citizen’s arrest was made before the cops showed up and took over.

The outlet obtained video of the arrest, and it is not a pretty look for Farrah

To the reality TV star’s defense, she put up a good verbal fight and uploaded footage to her personal Instagram Stories.

In the 2:27 video, Farrah can be seen handcuffed and laying in the fetal position with her face and hair in a nice patch of dirt under a tree.

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Farrah Claims She Was 'Battered' & 'Assaulted'

Oh, and she’s missing a shoe on one foot.

She can be heard screaming, “You know why people fight hard in jail, because of sickos like you.”

She attempts to sit up, but a man, presumably club security, pushes her down to the ground to restrain her.

“It’s on camera. It’s on camera. Harassers like you. Harassers like you. Harassers like you. Harassers like you,” she said before mumbling a few other things.

The security guard then asks if she’s going to calm to, to which Farrah replied, “No, I’ve already been calm. I’ve already will be calm, because I can’t walk into the institution of the United States of America because I am a [inaudible] law student.”

That is correct, Farrah is practicing law after getting let out of Harvard University online.

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She continued to reason with the man saying, “I will be more calm than anybody has ever been.”

He then responds saying, “If you try to kick us or do anything crazy, we will lay you down.”

Farrah didn’t agree with that response and retaliated, “I’ve never done s**t.”

The video shows the security guard lifting Farrah up into a sitting position. It then cuts to her being properly handcuffed by police officers, which once again didn’t sit well with the TV star.

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Farrah Gets Restrained By Club Security

“I did not hit anyone. On camera, I did not… I would never hit anyone. I didn’t even hit anyone. God Bless you all. I love how someone can say something, but its not per law that I never f***ing hit anyone. I never even touched anyone per law,” she slurred to the arresting officers.

“Per law” means “by, through, or by means of” the law.

Farrah continued to tout that she is a law student studying law.

She then said she was put in cuffs “against the law.”

“Thank you for putting me in cuffs against the law,” Farrah sarcastically said while being loaded into the back of a cop car.

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Farrah Abraham being restrained

Per reports, she was taken into custody and later released. It’s unknown if Farrah will be charged with battery, assault or something else.

Her arrest comes just days after Kanye Westallegedly punched a man in the head and face in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Blast previously reported on the rapper’s mini-melee downtown.

It was after a fun night out on the town with his girlfriend Julia Fox, Madonna, Antonio Brown and more.

According to multiple reports, the incident went down at the Soho Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles –an exclusive club and hotel — around 3 am.

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Kanye West Allegedly Assaulted Photographer

Larry Elder outside Craig apos s Restaurant in West Hollywood
Larry Elder outside Craig apos s Restaurant in West Hollywood
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Kanye was reportedly in his car, and a fan approached him to ask for an autograph.

At this point, the ‘Donda’ rapper allegedly jumped out of the car and punched the fan so hard they fell to the ground. Following the incident, someone called Los Angeles Police Department and a police report was taken. Of course, words were exchanged, but law enforcement isn’t revealing exactly what was said prior to the alleged violent incident.

The rapper painted a very different story during a sit-down interview with Hollywood Unlocked.

Before the weekend, Jason Lee of HU sat down with West where he revealed what led up to the alleged assault.

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“So as far as the paparazzi go, it wasn’t a fan last night. It was 3 am in front of the warehouse. I’m sayin’, ‘You don’t know what I’m dealing with right now.’ I just finished these two songs in the studio. I created, directed this impromptu shoot and my cousins went and didn’t really deliver the mission,” he said.

Kanye explained the guy had a “real attitude” about him.

“Imma just tell you that blue COVID mask ain’t stop that knockout,” Kanye quipped.

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