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Netflix Just Gave 'Red Notice' Fans A Good Reason To Be Excited!

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By Kristin Myers on January 12, 2022 at 3:45 PM EST

Fans of the Netflix crime comedy “Red Notice” have good reason to be excited!

The 2021 action comedy film was written, directed, and produced by Rawson Marshall Thurber. “Jungle Cruise” actor Dwayne Johnson, who also produced the film, stars as an FBI agent who teams up with an art thief (“Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds) in order to catch another thief (“Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot).

Thurber and Johnson had previously teamed up for 2016’s “Central Intelligence” and 2018’s “Skyscraper.”

Although the film was met with mixed reviews by critics, the film became the most-watched film in Netflix history within 28 days of its November 12, 2021 release. Since its release, fans have been clamoring for a sequel, and now it seems that they are getting their wish!

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‘Red Notice’ Serves Up Back-To-Back Sequels

According to Deadline, fans are looking at not one, but two, back-to-back sequels that Thurber has already started writing. Netflix hopes that both sequels will be ready to begin production in early 2023.

Although Netflix did not comment on the second and third movie, sources say that the plan is to bring back the comedic team of Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot and add in new characters to create a heist film that will remind audiences of the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise.

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Beau Flynn will produce the sequels through his company, Flynn Pictures Co, which put Scott Sheldon in the role of executive producer. Johnson will also be back to produce with Hiram Garcia and Dany Garcia through his own production company, Seven Bucks Productions. Thurber is also producing the film through Bad Version Productions.

Although fans will be delighted to see the comedic trio back in action, it remains to be seen if the sequels will be enough to woo critics who didn’t rate the first film all that highly.

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‘Red Notice’ Reviews Divides Fans And Critics

World Premiere Of Netflix's "Red Notice" - Arrivals. 03 Nov 2021 Pictured: Dwayne Johnson. Photo credit: MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA802241_001.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]

According to Rotten Tomatoes, critics gave the crime comedy a thumbs-down with an approval rating of only 37%. It stands in stark contrast to the audience score, which currently stands at 92%.

Kristy Puchko of Mashable gave the film a tough review, saying, “There’s turn off your brain and enjoy movies, and then there’s this.”

Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair wrote, “Red Notice is limp and dull, and does more to showcase the shortcomings of each of its marquee idols than it does to highlight their bankable charisma.”

Beatrice Loayza of the New York Times wrote, “Uninterested in world-building or creating any sense of stakes, 'Red Notice' is merely an expensive brandishing of star power - only the stars haven't got it in them.”

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Sara Michelle Fetters of may have given the film the most scathing review yet, saying, “I gave Red Notice my full attention, and all it gave me back was a headache. As far as I'm concerned that says it all.”

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Gal Gadot at World Premiere Of Netflix's 'Red Notice'

However, not all critics slammed the film. Brian Lowry of CNN wrote, “The net effect is mildly enjoyable, creating a throwback caper film that showcases its stars doing what they do best, or rather for which they're best known.”

Thelma Adams of AARP Movies for Grownups wrote, “​​Looking for an escape with action, adventure, international locales, snarky comments, and snappy comebacks? Look no further than Rawson Marshall Thurber's ridiculously fun caper.”

David Ehrlich of indieWire wrote, “'Red Notice' is a lot of fun, if often in spite of itself.”

Although critics remain divided on the film, audiences rated the film much more highly.

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Audiences Love The Film's Surprising 'Twist And Turns'

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“This is a funny movie, a tongue-in-cheek romp with nods to Indiana Jones, heist movies, and James Bond,” one fan wrote. “My girlfriend and I loved it. It's perfectly snarky.”

“Love how over the top it was and the meta-references,” another fan wrote. “Very fun movie.”

“Love the actors and how their energy worked great together,” wrote another. “Love the storyline and the comedy. Hope there is a sequel.”

“Great acting and more twists and turns than you can keep up with,” another fan commented.

“The locations, sets, and wardrobes were fantastic,” another reviewer said. “Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson were hilarious and played off each other very well. Great plot twists that I didn't see coming, as well. A great escape movie after a tough week!”

Hopefully, critics will enjoy the movie as much as the audiences did the second time around!

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