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Harry Hamlin Tries Lisa Rinna's LIP ENHANCER!

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By Alisan Duran on January 11, 2022 at 5:45 PM EST

Harry Hamlin got curious about a Rinna Beauty product.

Lisa Rinna took to her Instagram and shared a video of her husband trying out her Lip Enhancer. The clip showed the "Clash of the Titans" actor, 70, in a plain black t-shirt and pants. He was sitting on a white chair while holding the cosmetic product with his hands.

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Supportive Hubby

Lisa Rinna is Malibu strong as she enjoys a hike with husband Harry Hamlin
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Lisa Rinna is Malibu strong as she enjoys a hike with husband Harry Hamlin
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The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, 58, and Hamlin were having a normal conversation about the lip balm.

"So what is this?" he asked his wife.

"It's the new Rinna Beauty Lip Enhancer," she answered.

"A Lip Enhancer. Does it make my lips bigger?" Hamlin probed.

"Yes, more moist. You can use it alone. It's clear, so you can use it alone or underneath your Rinna Beauty lipstick and lip gloss," the reality star said.

Hamlin quickly responded by saying, "which I will never wear, but I will try this out."

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Enjoying the Product

Rinna then noted, "well your lips are known for being quite big."

He asked," So should I just put it on one lip like that or should I put it on both?"

The mother of two instructed and said, "Put it on top and then put it on the bottom like a chapstick. Pretend like it's a chapstick because it's pretty much what it's like -- as a chapstick for men so it's not glossy. This is for men or women. I mean, it's unisex, honey. Your lips are going to be moist and fabulous."

Hamlin said, "Okay. Well, kissable?" to which Rinna agreed.

The actor pressed his lips together, parted them while sucking air in, which made a kissing sound.

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Doting Wife

"He’s mesmerizing ☺️


@rinnabeauty #kissable," Rinna wrote in the caption.

Her Followers React To The Clip

Fans quickly dived into the comments section to praise Hamlin for trying out the product.

"SOLD! Can’t wait to try!" one commented.

"Your husband is so funny, it's like he's holding a foreign thing he's never seen before! He's very sweet though! Blessings," wrote a second commenter.

"He is the absolute best! Cooks…does the dad gig….gardener…hubby….and guinea pig! You’ve got yourself a keeper Miss Lisa! I’m jealous AF! 🙌" quipped the third follower.

"I will tell you this was the reason I ordered this when I watched Harry use it! And I love it so smart Lisa Rinna to make a clear choice I’m not a lipstick girl I love this," added the fourth one.

As of this writing, the video gained over 237,000 views, in addition to 15,000-plus likes and more than 360 comments.

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10 Years In The Making

Rinna launched her beauty brand in 2020 and has been gaining popularity ever since. In a past interview, she revealed that her brand took a decade to make.

"It's so exciting to finally do this. It seems (like a) pretty authentic and pretty organic (move for me)," Rinna told Today in December 2020.

Lipsticks are a major part of Rinna's makeup routine, and she explained that she feels incomplete without something on her lips.

"I always have to have something on my lips, whether it's a balm or something," she said. "My mother is the same way and the girls are the same way. It kind of runs in the family that if you don't have something on your lips you tend to chew on them or pick at them."

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