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Chip And Joanna Gaines Launch New Channel Called 'Magnolia Network'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 8, 2022 at 8:10 PM EST

After half a decade on television, Chip and Joanna Gaines finally launched the "Magnolia Network." The couple became famous for transforming homes in their "Fixer Upper" television show. The series started in 2012 and followed their journey as a renovation duo. 

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"Fixer Upper" became one of the most popular shows on HGTV; however, the couple quit after five successful years with the network to start their own television network, "Magnolia Network." The project is one of their biggest ventures, and it was released on cable on January 5, 2022. 

The Magnolia founders teamed up with Discovery, Inc. and launched their programming on the discovery+ streaming service. The channel will mainly show home and lifestyle shows carefully selected by the couple to their fans' delight. 

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'Magnolia Network' Finally Launched On Thursday

The couple first announced the "Magnolia Network" idea in 2018 on "The Tonight Show." Then in 2019, the couple told USA Today that the tv channel would be aired in the summer of 2020, but the worldwide pandemic caused a delay in the plans. 

After the delay and forced hiatus, the show was finally launched on Thursday on cable and replaced the DIY Channel with over 150 hours of unscripted shows focused on home, design, gardening, and several other topics. The channel will feature lifestyle programs like Julia Child's "The French Chef" and several workshops. 

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"Magnolia Network" will also show Chip and Joanna's own programs like "Fixer Upper" and "Magnolia Table." The third season of "Magnolia Table" will be premiered on the Channel on Thursday, and the couple will debut a new version of their famed show, "Fixer Upper." 

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Fans' Reaction To 'Magnolia Network' Channel Launch 

Joanna announced the channel's arrival with an Instagram post captioned, "We went from not having a TV to having 4 — thanks, @chipgaines. Now to see if they'll actually turn on. Welcome to TV, @magnolianetwork! Let the watch party begin!" 

Fans wasted no time commenting how excited they were about the channel launch. One said, "I am BEYOND thrilled for y'all and can't wait to be able to watch you on TV again! Thank You!"

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"So glad you are finally on cable!!! I have Magnolia Network Originals on record. And look forward to Fixer Upper Welcome Home tonight!!!!" a follower commented. "Excited for you guys! Loved watching you all on GMA. Praying the world sees your continued generosity. You all are the loveliest people!" another said.

"Big…Big Big! Congrats… it's a pleasure to watch your family's success! Thank you for all the great content I get to watch and for all the things I have learned!" another fan mentioned.

'Fixer Upper' Will Be On' Magnolia Network'

"Fixer Upper" was Chip and Joanna's first show and brought the couple to the spotlight. Their new channel "Magnolia Network" is set to bring the "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home" program back with a few changes.

This new, improved show will focus on helping people renovate their homes with their ideas and creativity instead of assisting them in finding new homes. It wasn't initially set to run on the channel, but the couple decided to put the show on because they thought it would be good to link the new venture with their past in television. 

In an interview with Adweek, the couple talked about how the show would nod back to how their time on television started. "The requirement for Jo and I to be on air, even one hour, would be one hour too many," Chip said.  

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Joanna continued, "We felt like even if it's just this one season, we need a nod back to the past, getting back to our roots and do what we love doing, which is on camera, renovating houses for people. So it just seemed a natural extension of that."

Chip And Joanna's 2012 'Fixer Upper' Audition Tape

In honor of their newest venture into television, the couple posted the tape of their "Fixer Upper" audition video on YouTube. The video started off with Chip introducing them, then Joanna explained their jobs in a different clip. 

She explained, "To me, I'm thinking, one out of 10 people in this market is really going to appreciate a house like this because it's really a box with a flat roof. 

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"So I sat in front of this house one day for an hour and started drawing things trying to get vision for it. And then I thought this could be a really unique house in Waco, Texas. So I'm excited about taking this one on and seeing what this thing transforms into," Joanna added. 

Chip also talked about how the job reminded him of his relationship with Joanna. Towards the end of the tape, he posed as "The Thinker" statue on the toilet. "How could you not want to watch this show?" he quipped. "Tune in!"

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