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Aaron Carter Claps Back At Trolls Mocking His Music

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By Alisan Duran on January 7, 2022 at 8:00 AM EST

Aaron Carter is not backing down!

The singer, 34, seemed to have been triggered by internet trolls on Thursday. He responded to numerous tweets attacking him and his music.

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Aaron Carter Is Angry

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"It's been a hot minute since I really have been following along with the #aaroncarter b-llsh-te. I was doing my best to enjoy my already s--k a-- holidays. Seems a sh-t ton is going on. Gonna try to get caught up," the tweet read.

"Girl go take a walk outside i don’t even know wtf you just said. You don’t like me but you stay gobbling ? about me? Lol happy holidays sorry you had a SH-TTY XMAS Santa Claus be good this year maybe Santa won’t put coal in your stockings," Carter wrote back.

The same person tweeted him back by writing, "Is your 160 iq broken today sir?" to which Carter responded with "Can you please disengage from my bung bung I no try to context with person day…. How’s that for an iQ for ya."

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Aaron Carter Called The Troll A 'Turkey'

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The confused troll responded to Carter by noting that his tweet "MADE ZERO SENSE," adding, "AND WE ARE ALL MORE STUPID FOR HAVING TO READ IT."

The "I Want Candy" hitmaker fired back by writing, "Actually you must’ve been stupid in the first place ? to not understand the mockery behind my intent of that tweet. Your done now girl. You can just shut up about me, instead of gobbling like a turkey non stop about me. Thanks in advance."

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Aaron Carter Defends His Work

Another Twitter user mocked his videos where he shows off his music.

"I’ve noticed it too! His views plummet as soon as he starts playing 'his beats' ?" the tweet read.

Carter responded by showing Billboard's recent article about him and his new rap song, "Reload the Wesson," while also noting that "Views plummet but blogs don’t."

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Bullied Over The Years

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This is not the first time Carter responded to his haters. In recent years, he has blasted them on social media, even responding with a video.

The singer has been criticized for looking way too skinny and accused of taking drugs. Carter went on "The Doctors" in 2019 and talked about the bullying he has incurred through the years, while also explaining why he takes on online trolls.

"It doesn't stop. I'm constantly accused of being a crackhead in a meth head and I have AIDS," Carter said. "It's funny because, well not funny. It's ironic that when... See what I'm doing is I'm actually making everybody play my game. You're not playing your game. These people are playing my game. So in my game, there's a much deeper introspective outlook that I have in regards to a bully."

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Dr. Judy Ho asked him, "And what is that?"

Carter responded by saying, "and that is that they're hurting inside."

Aaron Carter Never Ignores Trolls

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Before the interview, they showed a video of Carter filming himself inside the car while calling out trolls.

When asked why he "yelled" in the video, he said he "gets intense when I have the right to defend myself.

Carter also noted that he was "angry at that moment," adding that he's "feeling like I was a raccoon stuck in somebody's house, and I had four family members in the house trying to beat me out, and I'm trying to find the door, just to get out of the house because I accidentally got in."

The musician also said, "I want the rest of the world to follow suit with what I'm doing. Stop ignoring a hater and a bully. You're making our world worse, in my opinion."

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