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Erika Jayne Appears Desperate To Make Cash Amid Legal Woes

By Ryan Naumann

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Erika Jayne seems desperate to make a little money and has resorted to hawking giveaways on her Instagram.

Over the weekend, the reality star decided to pocket a quick check to promote an Instagram giveaway on her profile. Businesses pay a celebrity with a large following to promote the giveaway where fans have to follow a bunch of other accounts to have your name entered in a drawing to win money, luxury bags, and a bunch of makeup products.

Erika's Paid Instagram Post

Erika, based on her following, was probably paid a couple of grand up to around ten grand for the post. She even took a photo with all the swag the follower can win if they follow all the instructions to the giveaway.

It seems Erika is trying to make some money, which makes sense, given her current legal and financial woes. As The Blast previously reported, Erika and her estranged husband Thomas Girardi are currently facing a federal lawsuit accusing them of embezzling money.


In the suit, the plaintiffs were represented by Thomas in a previous lawsuit over a plane crash. The majority of them are widows and orphans who lost a family member. Thomas allegedly used millions owed to the families to fund his "lavish lifestyle."

In the docs, they point to another creditor who claims Thomas sent Erika's entertainment company over $20 million dollars. They believe this was done to hide assets and avoid paying his debts.

Recently, a bunch of Thomas's creditors forced him into Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy. They accuse him of owing millions and refusing to pay up on the debt.


For her part, Erika has remained silent about everything. She hasn't released a single statement addressing the claims she helped rip off a bunch of oprhans. A bunch of her close friends have leaked "source" stories to the media claiming Erika knew nothing about Thomas's financial moves.

Fans have been calling for her to be fired due to her involvement in the alleged embezzlement. Bravo doesn't seem to mind continuing to pay Erika and she will be appearing on the upcoming season, where she reportedly is spilling all.

The federal lawsuit is still pending in Illinois Court. The suit read, " Tom is a well-known and powerful personal injury attorney. Erika is a performer who is perhaps better known for her years-long presence on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a show centered on the larger-than-life extravagances of its cast members."

The suit ended, "To keep up their celebrity status, Tom and Erika must project a public image of obscene wealth at all times, and at whatever the cost."

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