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Logan Paul Talks 'Deathly Ill' New Years Amid 'Nasty' Withdrawal From Marijuana

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on January 4, 2022 at 6:00 AM EST

Logan Paul is starting the new year on a healthy note, but the journey hasn’t been easy for the YouTuber.

Paul got candid about how 2022 has been for him amid his decision to give up weed in a social media post.

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Logan Paul Is Experiencing Weed Withdrawal Symptoms

In an Instagram post on New Year’s Day, Paul shared a series of photos of how he spent the day. One of the images uploaded showed the star looking sickly in the bathroom, and another saw him throwing up.

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Logan Paul 2019 Streamy Awards
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In the lengthy accompanying caption, Paul opened up about the back story behind the pictures, writing:

super fun New Years story: I quit smoking w33d on December 24, been having some pretty nasty withdrawals (loss of appetite, insomnia, extreme irritability) - by far the hardest week of 2021 for me.

The social media personality then revealed that he got food poisoning and vomited more than 40 times on New Year's Eve. As a result of all the pharmacies being closed, Paul couldn’t get any medicine and had to beg the only emergency ambulance in the city to hook him up to an IV.

Unfortunately, they requested that he visit a hospital instead. Amid his troubled health, Paul shared that he managed to wear his suit and attend a party for 10 minutes.

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However, on his way back home, the “icy cold defeated and disappointed,” causing him to throw up some more.

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A Pattern Of ‘Deathly Ill’ New Years

The 26-year-old informed fans that being sick on New Year's Day isn’t new to him. “Coincidentally, this is the third New Years in a row where I’ve been deathly ill,” he wrote.

As a result, “The Thinning” star theorized that “life has made the beginning of the past few years a nightmare for me so I can appreciate the remaining 364 days.”

Paul described his health scare as an “involuntary reset” and confessed that he has since been physically and mentally humbled.

He concluded the write-up, assuring fans he felt much better and sharing his desires for the new year. “I know this year is going to be astronomical for me,” Paul declared. He also urged fans to grab 2022 by the horns and smash all their goals.

A Possible Move To Puerto Rico

In November, Paul made headlines after news broke that he was tired of living in Los Angeles and wanted to move to Puerto Rico.

The social media star put his Encino Estate Los Angeles home on the market for $8,995,000. The property boasts seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a swimming pool, a wine cellar, and a billiard room.

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The 7,667 square-feet property was initially purchased in 2017 for $6.6 million, and its sale would aid Paul’s relocation to Puerto Rico, where he’s often seen living his best life.

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