Bryce Hall says he doesn’t want to start any beef with the Paul brothers, but his latest comments are very shady.

The TikTok star recently uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel titled, “WE HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU…”

He was joined by YouTube socialite, Tana Mongeau, and the close friends did a Q&A with fans

One fan wrote in, “Most shocking two-faced influencer?”

Right away Tana replied James Charles.

Bryce on the other hand was a bit more cautious with his approach to answering the question.

“One, I don’t want to start beef, but Logan and Jake. That’s the only ones I can think of,” Bryce said.

“They always talk nice to me in person, then they always s**t on me online.”

Neither Logan nor Jake have responded to Bryce’s shady confession.