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'Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City' Friend Seen At Capitol Protest, Stars Upset

By Ryan Naumann

"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" stars Jen Shah and Whitney Rose are speaking out after a friend of the show was seen around the riot at the Capitol this week.

Earlier this week, photos started circulating on popular Bravo/"Real Housewives" fan accounts reportedly showing a woman Sara McArthur Pierce with a bunch of Trump supports right before the attack on the federal building.

In the photos, Sara is seen smiling with other supporters of the President while wearing a white beanie with an American flag.


The IG account Real Reality Homo captioned the post, "If you watched #RHOSLC this week, you saw Sara, who made a cameo earlier in the season. Well, she was also in Washington DC this week taking part in the “peaceful protests” and insurrection. Shameful, really."

Sarah isn't one of the main cast members on Bravo's hit reality show. However, she was seen in a couple of scenes in the first couple of episodes. There were rumors that she was once considered to be a cast member but we're told that isn't true.

Sara's Facebook Photo


There are some fans who claim Sara's Instagram profile had signs she was a Qanon supporter, which is a crazy conspiracy theory that has people believing some wild sh*t. A whole Reddit thread was dedicated to the alleged decision by producers to cut Sara from the show.

Sara's Instagram profile is private but photos on her Facebook show her wearing a hat with Q written on the front. Fans started sharing screenshots of Sara's photos from the rally that appeared to show her costar, Whitney Rose, liking the posts.


The "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star decided to clear the air after catching heat for double-tapping the posts. She decided to post a statement on Twitter after being criticized. She wrote, "I am devastated by the events that took place at The Capitol Wednesday. I was not there and DO NOT agree with it. Humanity needs more love and understanding right now. Let’s stop the hate. #RHOSLC @BravoTV."

Jen Shah saw the post on a Bravo fan page and wasn't shocked to find out the news. She commented, "ARE YOU FU-KING KIDDING ME?!?!? Wow. Well this answers a lot of questions."

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