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Britney Spears Looks Towards Higher Power In Lacey Shot

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Britney Spears is once again showing off her spiritual side in a brand new post on social media that also has the singer doing something she rarely takes part in – sharing a new photo! The "Oops!... I Did It Again" singer took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to post an uplifting message to her millions of followers, as well as serve up something other than the same repetitive photos that fans have already been complained about to the star.


Woman in lace top
Britney Spears / Instagram

Britney Spears' latest shot on Instagram showed the pop star's long blonde hair flowing over a lacey blouse while the sun lit up from behind.

"Looks like the light of God coming in," Britney declared about the well-lit photo.

It's not the first time Britney has mentioned the high power of God on Instagram. In July of last year the singer got spiritual while taking in some beautiful flowers.

"God is in the small stuff and it all matters," Britney proclaimed to her 24.9 million fans last year as she revealed a photo of four freshly-picked wildflowers.

More of the Same?

Three screenshots of an Instagram post
Britney Spears / Instagram

Fans were happy to see the uplifting message from Britney Spears, and perhaps more excited to see the new photo from the Princess of Pop, after she had been so heavily criticized for the same repeated pics. Even a few days ago, Britney sent out three Instagram posts in rapid succession ... of the same photo with slightly different filters on.

The triptych posted by Britney was undeniably gorgeous, however, as the "Womanizer" star took advantage of the light cast in her backyard and appeared youthful and carefree in the shots.

Looking Forward to 2021

A woman with black eyeshadow taking a selfie
Britney Spears / Instagram

Looking towards a higher power was one of the foundations Britney relied on during the trying times of the past year. During an Instagram post at the end of 2020, Britney shared one of her infamous dance sessions while speaking on the tough times everyone dealt with during the pandemic.

"2020 was a challenging year for us all … thank you to my amazing fans that have given me so much support !!!! I’m grateful for you and thank you !!!!"

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