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A Recap Of Previous Episodes Of 'The Real Housewives Of Miami'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 1, 2022 at 3:50 PM EST

In February, the universal NBC streaming service, Peacock, announced that a reboot of the "Real Housewives Of Miami" was in the works. The show was a popular show which ran for three seasons between 2011 and 2013 on Bravo.

RHOM's ensemble of casts included Lea Black, Larsa Pippen, Karent Sierra, Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura, and Alexia Echevarria in its three-year run. Also, according to a report from E!, a person from season one might be joining the reboot.

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"Larsa Pippen has been in talks for a role on the revival of RHOM," the source told E! News. "Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it has been an ongoing conversation."

According to the insider, Larsa "would love the opportunity" and hopes "it works out." The source continued, "She's been spending a lot of time in Miami recently and thinks it would be a great fit. She loves the Miami lifestyle and has a great house she would love to film at."

As detailed by the insider, "Larsa is eager to show the world a different side of her personality and thinks she would add excitement and spice to the show."

Here's a recap of the previous episodes in preparation for a new season.

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Cristy Rice Gatecrashed Lea Black's Charity Event In Season One

In the second episode of the first season, the focus was on the yearly Black Gala organized by Lea Black and her husband, Roy. The event was made with pomp and pageantry, so there was a waiting list for receiving tickets. Black wanted everything to be as she planned.

Black was seen sporting a bracelet as the Gala unfolded even though she was the host. This was followed by an emphasis that everyone paid to attend. Black was pretty sturdy in her stance about having no gate crashers because she saw it as a way of taking away the fundraising efforts and hurting those the charity tried to help.

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However, Rice was amongst those who didn't RSVP in time and get the ticket despite receiving an invitation. But she gatecrashed the event anyway. This infuriated Black, and she let everyone know that she was enraged.

"Cristy didn't RSVP, she didn't buy a ticket, she showed up with some friends, and at the Black's Annual Gala, everybody has to buy a ticket. No one's an exception; my husband pays, and so do I."

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She Called Rice A Hooker

Black was so upset that when she was called for an interview in "What Happens Live," she referred to Rice as a hooker.

"I've got to set the record straight. You know Cristy bought two tickets, and she came with two friends and crashed the fundraiser for kids in need," Lea explained, per Starcasm.

"Then she snuck into the Gala and proceeded to work the room like a $1000 hooker, then dared to make a public statement that we should have paid her to attend. A month later, after we invoiced her, she finally paid for two people, not three, then went around town trashing me, calling me a b*tch and trashing the charity."

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She continued, "She should apologize to the committee, apologize to the kids, be ashamed of herself, and get an etiquette book. She did not call me and say she was coming. She called and asked, "What was the deal?" I said, "You have to call me back with a credit card right now, or you will not be on the list. The guest list was closed days ago. We're sold out. There's a waitlist. Respectable people do not crash charity events. That's the record, and I'm on the right side of the issues, and I am done with her lies, and I am done with her spinning the story. That's it."

The Whole Cast Was Involved In The Drama

The duo weren't the only ones who brought in their drama that night. Their co-stars Alexia Echevarria, Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura, and Larsa Pippen were also involved in a verbal trade-off.

Rice was mad at Alexia for calling her and Pippen "breeders," even though it was misunderstood. This generated a screamfest that no one could understand what was being said or what was going on.

Later, Adriana went on about how Cristy looked like a man, but she couldn't continue because Bravo muted her.

The rest of the show was filled with so much cursing and expletives that they were eventually muted.

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The Cast For The Fourth Season Appear Different

After the show's first season, both Rice and Pippen exited "RHOM." Black stayed for the rest of the three seasons, same with Adriana. 

Marysol was part of the cast for two seasons before becoming a friend of the show in the third season. On the other hand, Alexia became a friend in the second season and came back as a cast member in the third season.

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Almost ten years later, Black and Rice decided not to partake in the fourth season, Adriana and Marysol are now friends of the show, and Alexia and Pippen are now part of the main cast.

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