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Rapper Roddy Ricch Sued For Allegedly Causing Car Accident With Serious Injuries

By Liz Walters

Rapper Roddy Ricch is having a great week for his music career, but he is also having a not so great week in the legal department after he was just sued for the second time -- this time over a serious car accident.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Roddy is being sued for allegedly causing a car accident in Los Angeles that involved multiple victims with serious injuries.

In the lawsuit, Ricch is accused of rear-ending a car on the freeway in L. A. and the alleged victim says the rapper was driving a Dodge Charger (that was borrowed) and slammed into him.

The person claims the accident took place on the 101 freeway on-ramp, and after they came to a stop, Roddy “traveling at an unsafe speed and distance, failed to stop his vehicle, causing (his) vehicle to get pushed into the left-center divider and another vehicle in front of his”.

Read The Details...Below.

Roddy Ricch Accused Of Slamming Into Car On L.A Freeway


According to the lawsuit, the alleged victim claims as a direct result of Ricch’s negligence, he sustained significant injuries to his health, strength, activity, and nervous system. All of which injuries have caused, and continue to cause him great “mental, physical, emotional, and nervous pain, suffering, and distress”.

In a legal filing, Ricch denied the allegations and is demanding the case be thrown out! The rapper claims there was "negligence" on behalf of the other driver, and the accident wasn't totally his fault.

There's More...

Alleged Victim Says Roddy Ricch Was 'Unfit' To Drive


In the lawsuit, the other driver is claiming there was substantial damage to his car, including the loss of the use of the vehicle, and other related damages. Interestingly, he says Ricch was “incompetent or unfit to drive the subject vehicle” and his “incompetence or unfitness to drive was a substantial factor in causing harm” but doesn't exactly describe why this is the case.

The alleged victim is suing for all medical, hospital, and incidental expenses, loss of earnings, past, and future, and earning capacity, property damage and incidental expenses, and costs for bringing the lawsuit.

Roddy Ricch had a HUGE week in music...See Below!

'Rockstar' Rapper Has Huge Week With SIX Grammy Nominations!


As you know, Roddy had a huge week after winning an 'American Music Award' and being nominated six times for the Grammy Awards.

The rapper's party was broken up the next day after he was accused of stiffing his ex-landlord for $200,000 in unpaid rent and damages to an Encino, CA rental home.

Just an idea, but this may be a good time for the rapper to take advantage of his massive music success by investing in a huge mansion, and hiring a safe chauffeur!

Again, Rich People Problems!

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