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Selma Blair taking a selfie

Selma Blair Gets Wet In Cheeky Golden Hour Shots

Selma Blair / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Selma Blair is making a splash with her latest social media shots by hitting the pool -- in the middle of November! Luckily for the "Cruel Intentions" star, the freezing temperatures that have begun to grip the rest of the country, have not yet touched Blair's home in Southern California where the weather is still nice and sunny. The actress hit up social media late Sunday afternoon and treated her fans to some stylized eye candy with some magical inspiration.

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Hitting The Pool

Selma Blair in the pool
Selma Blair / Instagram

48-year-old Blair was a picture of beauty when she posed for a photo shoot in her backyard. The actress regularly hits up her personal water paradise for some impromptu photo sessions that end up on social media, but this time she employed the use of a full glam team, including a hair and makeup stylist, along with a professional photographer.

Blair was seen against the glare of the setting sun while sporting a trendy one-piece swimsuit that zipped up like a turtleneck.


Selma Blair with purple scarf on her head
Selma Blair / Instagram

Selma Blair created a wake in the water as she dove in headfirst, showing off her athletic figure in her cheeky swimsuit.

"Let them become the photograph on the table. Let them become the name on the trust accounts. Let go of them in the water," Blair captioned her photo set by using a quote from American writer, Joan Didion from her 2005 book, "The Year of Magical Thinking."

The book is hailed as a classic piece of literature addressing mourning, as Didion wrote about her life following the death of her longtime husband.

Dealing With 2020

Selma Blair in pink sweater
Selma Blair / Instagram

During the weird times of 2020, Selma Blair has been using her social media as a platform to discuss how she's dealing with the stresses and anxieties of life. She recently explained how she unplugged for a bit to reset herself, and was very much the better afterward.

"It may be too simple. But there is truth to stepping outside of the tornado. I watch the child let go and become an easy part of life. Breathing and being. Safe in himself. Give it to yourself too... the kindness and care all of you show on this page has given me hope when I was brought low and I am thinking of all of us. With love and care. And our children. Everything is for them."

You Cane Do It

Selma Blair with a cane
Selma Blair / Instagram

Staying positive and finding the fun in small things has been Selma Blair's ticket to normalcy during the COVID-19 pandemic. After receiving a special birthday gift, Blair took to Instagram to show off her fancy new cane with a show of gratitude.

"When I used to get down as a teen, my mom would always offer up the option of buying a new hat. I don’t think I wore hats often but that was the joke. And I would smile. Now, what does bring a lift, is a new and iconic cane," she wrote on Instagram along with a snazzy picture set.

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