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Kelly Ripa Flops Into Bed With Ryan Seacrest After Hours

By Whitney Vasquez

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are close but this is taking it too far! The 50-year-old longtime "LIVE" host has often joked that her co-star is like a second husband and it might be true. In a hilarious video, shared on both the "LIVE With Kelly and Ryan" host's Instagram page, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are showing just how committed they are to one another.

The two gave their viewers a hint at why they are always so happy, and it's because they never go home.

Too Close For Comfort:

The AM talk show hosts

In the funny clip, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest joked that they never leave the "LIVE" stage. In fact, they eat, sleep, and share WAY TOO MUCH after the production lights turn off. Sporting a smile and looking better than ever, Kelly Ripa opened the spoof in a red animal print dress.

"People always ask us: 'How come you look so chipper in the morning?" she said in the opening. That's when her other half, Ryan Seacrest, jumped in.

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Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat:

Throwback of the duo

"They must think we get here before the sun comes up," he responded before the television duo revealed their secret. "We live here!" he added. That's when the clip cuts to some behind-the-scene moments showing the work husband and wife's routine.

Ryan Seacrest is immediately seen making a cocktail in his "LIVE" coffee mug after the cameras turned off. Kelly Ripa is then shown defrosting a chicken in the staff's kitchen. But fans were not prepared for what happened next!

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Toothbrush Mixup!

Ryan using Kelly's toothbrush

Showing the duo in the faux bathroom together, Kelly Ripa changed out of her sweatshirt and into black silk pajamas that matched Ryan Seacrest's nighttime garb. Showing her co-star brushing his teeth, Kelly Ripa jumped down his throat almost like a married couple.

"Hello! That's my toothbrush!" she screamed at Ryan, to which he immediately stopped brushing and looked as if he was about to throw up. Just when you thought their friendship couldn't get any more intimate, they surprised viewers once again.

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Bedtime! Watch The Video!

Kelly saying goodnight

After brushing their teeth, it was time for bed. The two hosts were seen entering different doors into their own beds for turndown. Jumping into opposite beds, Kelly Ripa said goodnight to her co-host in the cutest way possible. "Night Night Ry Ry," the star is heard yelling through the wall while flopping into her cozy-looking bed.

"Sweet dreams," Ryan Seacrest yelled back at Kelly. The morning television duo is a favorite among fans and this adorable video shows exactly why.

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