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Britney Spears' Dad Jamie Fighting Singer Over Control In Conservatorship

By Ryan Naumann

Britney Spears' father Jamie Spears is refusing to step down from managing her conservatorship and is gearing up for war.

According to reports, Jamie is in court demanding the pop star’s attempts to strip him of power be shut down.

Recently, Britney’s lawyer asked the court to ax Jamie from the 12-year long conservatorship. At the moment, the estate is run by Jamie and co-conservator Bessemer Trust Company. Britney wants the judge to remove her dad and put Bessemer in complete control of her finances.


In the docs, Britney says she had issues with recent decision by Jamie. She says her longtime business management company, Tristar Sports and Entertainment Group, resigned from representing her on October 28. She accused her father of going out and hiring another manager, Michael Kane, without consulting her. Britney says he never gave her the chance to interview him or consider other options.

She said her father’s decision caused concern because his goal, "is to introduce a new gatekeeper who admittedly has a major working relationship with [Jamie's] legal team."


Britney believes it’s all part of her father’s attempts to, "retain full functional control of her assets, books, and records." She is pleading with the court to remove him completely.

In newly filed documents, Jamie argues he should be kept on as co-conservator of Britney’s estate. He claims to be doing everything that is required of him to manage Brit’s finances. Jamie tries to make the argument that Britney is in a much better financial state than when he took over 12 years ago.


Jamie says when he came on to help his daughter she was drowning in debt and facing multiple lawsuits. He points out her estate is worth an estimated $60 million.

He admits not informing Britney’s lawyer of the business manager switch. However, he denies he had any duty to inform her lawyer of the change.

Jamie says Britney's former manager left because she was receiving death threats. He says the switch to the new manager was well-planned and in the best interest of his daughter.


A judge has yet to rule on the matter. As The Blast previously reported, earlier this month, Britney scored a huge victory in court after a judge granting a motion allowing her to hire her own outside counsel.

Britney pleaded for the right to get a new law firm but her father objected. Jamie claimed Britney didn't have the mental capacity to make such decisions. The Los Angeles Superior Court judge disagreed and sided with Britney.

The singer's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, recently removed herself from the case.

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