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Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron Teases Fans With Pole Dancing Lesson Clip

By Jeff Mazzeo

We knew Dove Cameron likes to learn new things but we didn't know pole dancing was one of them!

The former Disney star shared the shortest pole dancing clip to her Instagram story on Wednesday. It was short and sweet but it was enough to get her fans talking. Wearing a gray sports bra, little workout shorts, and her mask she followed her instructor's example by sliding her back down the pole. As soon as she got down in the full squat position and reached back for the pole, the clip stopped... just a little bit of a letdown.

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Dove loves to play coy on social media and is always dropping hints or knowledge... or hints about knowledge on the gram. Point is, there is a lot to interpret when you are trying to figure out what she's trying to convey. It is very Dove-like to drop a bombshell pole dancing clip and not explain anything.

She did make her congratulatory message to producer Benny Blanco about his new song with Justin Bieber clear.

"congrats on the beautiful release @itsbennyblanco !! so intimate and honest," she wrote accross a playfull photo of him giving her the finger.

Is Dove Really Real?

Dove Cameron's strange pic.

Sometimes it's hard to separate fantasy from reality when it comes to Dove because she is constantly dropping hints that she's a little more than human. She often posts futuristic photos and cryptic captions that have some fans thinking that she may be a sultry cyborg in disguise. On Wednesday, she posted a robotic looking image to her IG story but she has mentioned weird robotic references in the past.

Earlier this month, she shared a strange post that featured a short video of herself with no audio. It showed the star looking rather robotic as she mouthed unknown words for the camera.

"ex machina," Dove simply captioned her post and she turned comments off.

"Ex Machina" is the title of a 2014 film where a hot and intelligent humanoid robot uses her womanly power and emotions to influence a computer programmer. It is a mind-bending thriller that will forever alter the way you look at robots.

Cameron has revealed that she sometimes feels like an alien stuck in her body but it's unclear if she is saying that she feels like a robot as well.

Deep Thinker


It's no secret that Dove is really into introspection and psychological therapy but she expressed her psychological fandom by showing off her unreal body and quoting one of the most important figures in psychology history yesterday. She quoted the founder of analytical psychology, Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung in the caption of her post.

"'For the alchemist the one primarily in need of redemption is not man, but the deity who is lost and sleeping in matter.' C.G. Jung”

We don’t claim to know very much about psychology but we believe the quote represents Jung’s comparison of the role of the science of psychology or the psychologist and alchemy. Alchemy deals with removing the impurities of metal to obtain “gold” or a higher quality metal and psychology deals with the human psyche but the goal is the same, to achieve the purest form.

Voting Reminder

Dove Cameron's sweaty selfie.

"The Descendants" star did her part to remind her millions of fans to vote by blessing their timelines with a sweaty selfie.

"hey, it’s your boyfriend . just double checking that you’re registered to vote," she wrote on National Voter Registration Day.

We have no idea why she called herself "your boyfriend" but we kinda like it. Just another thing to interpret!

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