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NFL Star Antonio Brown Settles Debt With LA Chef After False Vaccine Status

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By TheBlast Staff on December 21, 2021 at 8:00 AM EST

NFL star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown has been catching a lot of criticism over the past month and a half. This was due to the NFL finding out that he falsified COVID-19 vaccination cards.

While most NFL players are fully vaccinated, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star was not, and lied to the league about this vaccination status. This was revealed by a former chef of Brown's, Steven Ruiz, who apparently was owed money from Brown.

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October 14, 2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown (81) catches the ball prior to the NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Christopher Szagola/CSM(Credit Image: © Chris Szagola/Cal Sport Media) Newscom/(Mega Agency TagID: csmphototwo808897.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]
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Ruiz Says That Brown Has Paid His Debt

Many didn't blame Ruiz at all for revealing Brown's vaccination status, despite the possibility of the "snitch" label. On social media, people believed that Ruiz was owed his due compensation.

Ruiz has since spoken to TMZ Sports, where he revealed that the drama is now done. This is due to him claiming that AB has finally paid him for his cooking services. Ruiz is based in Los Angeles, and owns the restaurant TasteThatLA.

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Ruiz Says He And Brown Are Both 'Satisfied'

This situation could've gone south in a quick hurry, as Ruiz originally revealed that he would file a lawsuit against Brown. That information came out after the news broke that Brown handed in the fake vaccine cards to the NFL.

At this point, Ruiz says that both parties in this situation are now both "satisfied." This was stated to TMZ, from a rep of Ruiz's.

"Both parties were satisfied. After two months of being slandered in the press, Mr. Ruiz felt it was in his best interest to move forward and attend to his clients' needs for their Christmas parties this week. He wished the best to AB and the Bucs as they head toward the playoffs."

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Brown Is Returning From Three-Game Suspension

Brown's punishment for handing in the fake vaccine cards was to piss three games, for the Buccaneers. Mike Edwards and John Franklin III were also suspended by the team, for providing false vaccination statuses.

Brown's suspension is now coming to an end, as he is eligible to play this week, vs the Carolina Panthers. Tampa will definitely need him, as they are dealing with a myriad of injuries, and are coming off of a horrible 9-0 loss this past weekend, to the New Orleans Saints.

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Antonio Brown- Instagram
Antonio Brown during a game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

AB Has Dealt With Other Legal Issues Over The Past Year

One huge legal woe that Brown has experienced over the past two years, is a rape accusation. This was revealed by his former personal trainer, Brittany Taylor. She sued AB back in 2019, as she claimed she was sexually assaulted several times. This also included an alleged 2018 rape incident.

In January 2021, AB went on to be ordered to pay $100,000 to Taylor. That came after he was said to have violated a confidentiality agreement. This happened twice, and Taylor soon went on to ask an independent arbitrator to get compensation for her.

AB was found to have posted a screenshot of a direct message from someone on social media, where they discussed the case. In April, both sides went on to finally reach a settlement.

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