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Simone Biles poses smiling in a red top

Gymnast Simone Biles Popular Pumping Gas In Backless Tube Top

By Rebecca Cukier

Simone Biles is "all gas no breaks" – her words, not ours. The 23-year-old gymnast, now the world's most-decorated, updated her Instagram on Tuesday with a massive va-va-voom as she pumped gas into her swanky Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. Simone, followed by 3.9 million, was out to show her fun side, but with a loose knitted jacket falling off the gymnast's shoulders and only a skimpy tube top underneath, the killer body was getting shown. Simone took under 15 minutes to be called a "bad-ss." Check out why below.

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Olympic Gymnast Gets Her Gas On

Simone Biles poses in a bikini on a wicker chair

Scroll for the photo. Simone, who has recently been appearing in joint selfies with new NFL player boyfriend Jonathan Owens, was solo, here. The Ohio native, snapped from behind and in the middle of pumping gas, was turning around at just the right moment – the camera got her pearly whites.

The rock-hard body wasn't exactly hidden. Simone, swathed down below by her ribbed and pale blue loungewear, was backless via a tiny white tube top, with her scultped back and arms on show.

Fans Sayin' 'Welcome To The G Wagon Family'

Simone Biles poses pumping gas in a backless top

Keep scrolling for more photos. Simone, whose captions are nearly always short, had kept up the pattern, writing: "All gas no breaks."

Fans are flooding the comments section, proving Simone doesn't need to be losing her pants in a Handstand Challenge to generate a response.

"Welcome to the G-Wagon family!" one fan wrote, spotting the car. Others, meanwhile, remembered that the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are canceled – "So I guess you couldn’t wait until after Tokyo lol. You already won anyway 🤣🤣," another follower joked.


Admitted She Cried When 2021 Olympics Got Canceled


Back in April, Simone had to face the tough news that the global pandemic had meant the Tokyo 2021 Olympics would be postponed. The star spoke on "The Today Show," revealing how much it meant to her, but she put safety and coronavirus first.

"I really didn't know what to feel. I just kind of sat there and I cried but ultimately it was the right decision...we need to make sure everyone in the US and around the world is healthy and safe," Simone told the show.

Keep scrolling for the "Houston Heat" boyfriend.

Stuns With New NFL Player Boyfriend

Simone Biles poses for a selfie with Jonathan Owens

Simone's headlines haven't been dull, though. The athlete is all loved-up with Houston Texans football safety Jonathan Owens. Simone's "new boo" is all over her Instagram, he's twinned with her in a Gucci hat, and it looks like the "Houston Heat" is bringing some Houston appetite. Simone's recent dinner date with 25-year-old Owens was a massive steak one – it isn't rabbit food for Biles.

Prior to dating Owens, Simone was in a relationship with Stacey Ervin Jr. She split from him earlier this year amid rumors he'd cheated on her during Valentine's Day.

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