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Bethenny Frankel Trashes Cardi B's 'WAP', Says Women Should Do Better

By Ryan Naumann

Former "Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel is criticizing Cardi B's song "W.A.P." saying she fears her daughter will hear it.

Bethenny made the remarks on the new episode of her podcast "Just B with Bethenny Frankel", which featured UFC head, Dana White, as the guest.

The business mogul started off the episode telling a story, "I was telling my boyfriend Paul the other day how trashy is very in now. Just like just being slutty and talking about dick, that you want dick, that you haven't had enough dick lately."

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She continued, "I think Samantha on "Sex and The City" started this thing. Where it was liberation and sexuality. Which I get. I get it, the men have been the players and the men talk about their conquest and sex. why can't women."

Bethenny was talking to paul when she said, "sex sells, it always has. We were talking about sex in songs." She says Paul brought up Cardi's song "W.A.P" which stands for "Wet A-S Pus-y"

The "Real Housewives of New York" star said she was taken aback by the song title.


She decided to listen to the song and claims she was even more shocked. Bethenny admitted the song was good but says the song title was repeated over 50 times throughout the track.

Bethenny had issues with the line "there's some whores in this line" saying she thought it was a bad term to use. She brought up lyrics that featured Cardi asking for the man to spit in her mouth. The reality star seemed shocked by the explicit content.


The Skinnygirl mogul decided to focus on Cardi's lyric about her vagina. The specific line was "park your mack truck in my tiny garage." Bethenny said she didn't believe Cardi had a "tiny garage." She believed Cardi "has at least a two or three-car garage." Bethenny continued making comments about Cardi lying about being tight.

Bethenny said she was concerned about her daughter hearing the song on TikTok. She said she understands freedom of speech but wanted to know if there was a line. Bethenny asked if the next song would be about anal sex.


She doesn't like that when men talk like that but still doesn't approve of women speaking like that. She said, "I don't like when men speak like that. We haven't like that men have been players. we haven't like that men have called women sluts so that doesn't mean that now we're going to like being called a whore."

Bethenny did admit she respects Cardi B's career and accomplishments. She asked her listeners to write in to share their opinions.

As The Blast previously reported, Bethenny recently split from her boyfriend Paul Bernon after two years together.

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