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Bella Thorne poses in pearl necklaces by a sky backdrop

Bella Thorne Teabags Her Peepers In Tangerine Birthday Bikini

By Rebecca Cukier

Bella Thorne has been tea-bagging – perhaps not quite as dirty as it sounds, but the 23-year-old did include some wild bikini action in her video ahead of the weekend. The actress, singer, and "Life of a Wannabe Mogul" author is fresh from fronting media outlets both for her recent birthday and OnlyFans scandal – the latter may have caused controversy as sex workers accused Bella of stealing their livelihoods, but with $1 million earned in just 24 hours, Bella was walking away with a sweet deal. Check out the former Disney star's birthday shenanigans below.

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A Sight For Sore Eyes

Bella Thorne poses with a teabag to her eyes

Scroll for the video shared to Bella's TikTok. The "Infamous" actress, now infamous for joining adult subscription site OnlyFans, had filmed herself in a mash-up, kicking off in selfie mode and de-puffing her eyes the way your grandmother would probably approve of.

Bella was tending to her "Birthday Stye" while wearing a white tank top and chunky watch, also mouthing to Taylor Swift's "22" lyrics – it was clear this was about turning 23, though. Bella marked her 23rd birthday by provocatively licking her cupcake in sexy undies and thigh-high stockings.

Bikini Bombshell Turns 23

Bella Thorne poses smiling in a Dior bikini on a beach

Keep scrolling for the video. Bella, seen surrounded by colorful birthday balloons, had her silky green PJ shirt and shorts turning into a bit of a swimwear display as she energetically bounced around her chair. The tangerine bikini showcased the redhead's fierce cleavage, with a caption focusing on her age.

"They just told me no-one likes you when you when you're 23?!?" Bella wrote.

Fans seem to thinking Bella almost grew up too fast. "She 23 I remember seeing her in Shake It Up," one replied. Click here for the TikTok – scroll for more photos.

Instagram Is 'BIRTHDAY B-TCH'

Blla Thorne poses with cake in underwear

Bella also marked her big day – or rather her big week – over on her Instagram, followed by 23.9 million. Her birthday cake snaps are approaching 1 million likes, although a post just before it, seeing Bella unclothed and rolling around in $100 cash bills, caused backlash as fans deemed the wealth display in poor taste – particularly after Bella earned $2 million in under a week from OnlyFans. The actress has been criticized for charging $200 for supposedly-nude photos that weren't nude.

Rolling In Cash Causing Backlash

Bella Thorne poses nude in cash bills

The above photo formed part of a trio set posted ahead of the weekend as Bella pulled off A-Lister rapper vibes combined with a very unclothed finish.

"Birthday mood 😍😍🤑🤑 WHO WANNA MAKE MONEY ON THEIR BIRTHDAY GIVE ME HANDS 👏 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏," Bella wrote, adding: "Going live at 5:30 for some drinking fun 🎊🎊🎊 in my bio."

Replies straight-up slammed the Netflix star, with a popular comment reading: "It must be nice being rich when millions of people are in poverty, starving, losing their jobs and dying."

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