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Kailyn Lowry staring into the camera

'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Sizzles In Lingerie Post-Baby Boudoir Shots

Hannah Rachael Photography / Instagram
By Gary Trock

"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry is dropping some more fire on social media after the reality star posed for a series of provocative boudoir photos weeks after giving birth to her fourth child. The new upload of photos comes courtesy of Lowry's photographer, who released the intimate shots while touting the strength and beauty of her subject and defending Lowry against any haters or online trolls. As the MTV reality star herself has said, she does sh-t at her own pace.

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Support for Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry in lingerie
Hannah Rachael Photography / Instagram

Photographer Hannah Rachael shared the new shots of Kailyn Lowry, which include the "Teen Mom 2" star in red-hot lingerie, and loving every moment of it. In one of the photos, the 28-year-old reality star is seen lying on her side and gently running her hand through her long hair.

"I love the people that have messaged me, stood up to the trolls, and hyped Kail up," Rachael wrote on Instagram.

She added, "Literally nothing good comes from being a troll and shaming women. Like, you literally have the option to be nice and make the world nicer.... it’s like a super power to fix the world!!! So be the good you want to see."

No Retouches

Kailyn Lowry in a magenta bra
Hannah Rachael Photography / Instagram

Kailyn Lowry's photographer explains that, as an artist, she does not retouch or photoshop images to remove blemishes or stretch marks, but instead celebrates the person for their natural beauty.

While speaking of the "Teen Mom 2" star, Rachael wrote:

"She’s a mom of 4 adorable boys, running an empire of businesses, and needed a day to feel good about her.

She added, "In my studio I follow a two week rule. That means the only things that get photoshopped out are bruises, blemishes, or marks that won’t be on the body in two weeks. I do not photoshop bodies, I do not remove stretch marks, and I do not alter what makes you YOU."

'This Shoot Was a Challenge'

Kailyn Lowry in lingerie
Hannah Rachael Photography / Instagram

Kailyn Lowry has also shared intimate shots of the boudoir session on Instagram and shared with fans the internal struggles she went through throughout the process.

"[This] shoot was a challenge for me. i’ve birthed 4 humans & people expect my body to snap back immediately. when it doesn’t - i get body shamed, when I go to the gym it’s selfish. when I love my body, it’s unhealthy. there is no 'winning' for me in the court of public opinion."

A New Chapter

Kailyn Lowry topless covered up with a sweater
Kailyn Lowry / Instagram

The photo shoot, while already impressive, marks the beginning of a journey for Lowry, who said she's going to start focusing on her own health and fitness after bringing 4 humans into the world.

"[I] decided to do shit at my own pace. i decided i would start here - a photoshoot to be proud of my body and really love what it has been capable of doing 4x - but also as a starting point in my fitness & health journey. hopefully i will be able to look back on these photos & see significant changes & progress - but still have love for myself & all that my body has gone through."

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