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Jade poses inside a private jet

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend Claims She's 'Thicker' Than Snickers, Fans Disagree

By Rebecca Cukier

Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend Jade's claims that she's "thicker" than a Snickers have been rejected by her own followers. The former bartender, model, and girlfriend to "PUNANI" rapper 6ix9ine updated her Instagram on Monday with a rear-flaunting snap showing skintight booty shorts, a reference to being "thicker" than Snickers, and some cheeky eye contact. Jade, real name Rachel Wattley, now sees the most-liked comment dubbing her body "plastic" – clearly, Jade saying she "never" got surgery isn't being believed. Check it out below.

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'Thicker Than A Snickers'

Jade poses in tight shorts

Jade, who has this summer slammed "fake bodies," saying "it could never be me," updated while posing indoors, butt to the camera, and making her curvy booty the focal point via a pair of shorts with "Thicker than a SNICKERS" written on them. The model's 1.7 million followers then got a caption.

"Thicker than a snicker 🙃 Shorts @l.dolls Hair and makeup @_scorpinko."

213,000+ likes later, and the comment leading the way reads: "More plastic than ocean." Another fan, replying to the comment, wrote: "Lol yeah. Find a natural -ss is like finding aliens."

Fans Say It's 'Doctor Made'

Jade poses in a pink outfit in a bathroom

Jade, also facing comments over 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez's Instagram absence this month, did receive the thumbs-up by many fans, but replies accusing her of suspect clinic activity mounted up.

"Only if it was real," one user wrote.

"Yeah, it's doctor made," another chimed in, adding: "It's rare finding a real -ss these days."

Back in June, Jade made headlines for posing in sheer pants and writing: "I never got my body done I swear." The replies, taking in 6ix9ine's famous snitching reputation, included: "If u never got your body done 6ix9ine never ratted...." Scroll for more photos and the Crips joke.

Calling Herself A Crip Amid Boyfriend's Bloods History

Jade poses in red Versace sweats for a selfie

Jade definitely comes with a sense of humor. As August saw 6ix9ine dangerously trolling gangs from L.A. and Chicago, the model updated from the interiors of a private jet, joking she can "only fly private" because people want her man dead. Likewise tongue-in-cheek has been Jade snapping herself in head-to-toe red Versace and writing:

"I wore red today even tho I'm a crip."

6ix9ine remains famous for his history with the Trey Nine Bloods, having testified against the gang in a New York court ahead of his now-completed two-year prison sentence.

Rapper Vanishes From Instagram Amid Disgraced Album

Tekashi 69 with cash bills in the street

Tekashi, meanwhile, continues an Instagram silence that's not seen him update since September 11 when he destroyed album work from his new "TattleTales" release. The rainbow rapper, plagued by poor sales projections and mass trolling from rival rappers, even admitted to being in a "bad mood" as he accused Apple Music and Spotify of fiddling circulation.

6ix9ine has also been handing out copies of his September 4-released album for free on NYC streets – "It's good," he promised as he gave out the EP to random strangers.

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