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Lynda Carter Claps Back At J.K. Rowling Over Trans Comments

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By Kristin Myers on December 16, 2021 at 1:33 PM EST

Actress LyndaCarter is a true Wonder Woman on and off screen!

Earlier this week, “Harry Potter” author J.K.Rowling caused a Twitter firestorm when she again took a swing at the trans community.

In Scotland, police have decided to record the gender identity of perpetrators in sexual assault cases, not their sex at birth. Although this new measure did not come without criticism, Rowling was probably one of the most vocal.

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Rowling Takes To Twitter To Voice Her Opinion... Again

Rowling retweeted a link to an article concerning the announcement with the caption, “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. The P----ed Individual Who Raped You Is a Woman.”

Many "Harry Potter" fans lamented the author's continued campaign against the trans community and fired back on Twitter.

“You literally have a castle and you spend your time doing this,” one user commented.

“Why is this how you want to be remembered?” another asked. “Why is this the hill you’ve chosen? What do you stand to gain from this? You have nothing to lose, but we stand to lose everything.”

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“As a trans person who used to love the harry potter series, this is so disheartening, and I should expect it from you by now, but for some reason, I always hope that there’s enough evidence that most trans people aren’t a threat for you to change, but it never happens,” another wrote.

“I know it shouldn’t by now, but it never ceases to disappoint me to see what you’ve become,” one user tweeted. “You’ll argue you’re just speaking common sense or defending women, but what you’re actually doing is using those ideas as excuses to hate on and attack a marginalized community. It’s sad.”

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“And I’m not just talking this time, this tweet, but many times for a long while,” they continued. “You had an incredible opportunity to do good with the privilege and success you have. You could have chosen differently. But this is what you’ve chosen, and you’ve broken a lot of hearts.”

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Lynda Carter Defends Trans Community

Carter has never been shy about using her platform to advocate for others. In a tweet earlier this year, Carter wrote, "Trans women are Wonder Women. End of story."

This week, Carter took a moment to respond to Rowling's message, shouting out support for the trans community in the wake of this recent controversy.

“You don't have to be trans to understand the importance of respecting trans people and affirming their identities,” she tweeted. “Life is just too short. I can't imagine how it makes any sense to use one's fame and resources to put others down.”

Fans were quick to shower her Twitter account with positive comments, thanking Carter for her support.

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“Just adding to the thousands of folks in your replies: thank you so much, Lynda,” one fan wrote. “I really wish you could understand how much this means to so many. Thanks for being a ray of hope.”

“Lynda, thank you for being a light in a world that isn’t always kind [to] trans and nonbinary people,” another commented. “I know you’re going to get some backlash for speaking out for us, but I want you to know it matters. A lot.”

“I have so much love and respect for you as a human being & as a cultural icon,” another shared. “Thank you for living up to & exceeding every possible expectation tiny me had when running around in my Wonder Woman Underoos.”

“Thank you, Lynda,” said another. “I lost one childhood hero when all this went down, but it means the world to know that Wonder Woman herself is on our side.”

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