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Alex Menache and Kristen Doute prepare to enjoy a houseboat.

Ex-'Vanderpump Rules' Star Kristen Doute And Boyfriend Alex Menache Aren't Rushing Into Marriage

Kristen Doute | Instagram
By Lindsay Cronin

Kristen Doute doesn't “feel the need to rush” into marriage with her current boyfriend, Alex Menache.

Several months into their relationship, the former "Vanderpump Rules" star, who began dating Alex at the end of last year after a messy split from ex-boyfriend Brian Carter, admitted that when it comes to taking their relationship to the next step, she and Alex are taking things slow.

During an interview with Life and Style magazine, Kristen said that she and Alex are doing things on their own time.

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Kristen Doute And Alex Menache Are Doing What's 'Right' For Them

Kristen Doute enjoys a swimming pool with Alex Menache.
Kristen Doute | Instagram

“I think Alex and I are just doing it the way that’s right for us," Kristen explained to the magazine.

Although Kristen and Alex aren't rushing down the aisle, that isn't to say they aren't discussing a future together.

“We’ve had that conversation, of course,” Kristen continued. “I think we’re both in the right place at the right time of our lives and if it happens, it happens.” Kristen and Alex, who began dating earlier this year, have grown much closer in recent months.

Kristen Doute And Alex Menache Quarantined With One Another

Alex Menache and Kristen Doute pose in front of a view of mountains.
Kristen Doute | Instagram

According to Kristen, she and Alex quarantined together.

“We started casually dating before quarantine and we actually were in Mexico together. He took me on a trip to Tulum right before quarantine started. So by the time I got back, he was still out of town and I’m like, ‘You have to get back. I don’t know if you’re going to be allowed back. This is getting crazy around here.’ And so from that moment, when he got back into California, we were quarantined together,” she shared.

Kristen Doute And Alex Menache Met Through A 'Pump Rules' Cast Member

Kristen Doute holds roses with Alex Menache.
Kristen Doute | Instagram

While quarantining, Kristen said she and Alex learned each other’s “little quirks” and grew "so much stronger" as a couple.

“I mean, I spend every single day with him. He’s really special. He’s the best thing,” Kristen gushed.

Speaking of the early moments of their relationship, Kristen said that she and Alex were friends for years before taking their relationship to a romantic place.

“We’ve been friends for about four years, like buddies. We met through a mutual friend of all of ours on the cast," she said of "Vanderpump Rules."

Alex Menache Is Friends With The 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast

Kristen Doute and Alex Menache pose in sunglasses.
Kristen Doute | Instagram

According to Kristen, a number of members of the "Vanderpump Rules" cast knew Alex before the two of the began dating.

“A lot of the cast knew him already and they’re really good friends with him. So we’ve been buddies but didn’t really know each other that well,” Kristen said.

As for when their relationship began, Kristen admitted that she began taking interest in Alex at the end of last year.

“It was just kind of a moment that happened in November and we were both single and started hanging out a little more one-on-one and then next thing you know, I just fell in love,” she shared.

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