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Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift on their inaugural road trip to Big Sur

Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss: Kaylor Romance Rumors, Revisited -- Part 6

By Alyssa McCraw

Taylor Swift's "folklore" was big news to begin with - its open-ended lyrics are a whole other story.

Almost immediately after Swift's surprise album drop, conversation centered around several tracks alluding to her 7-year kinship with supermodel Karlie Kloss. One of which (titled "betty") was thought to trace back to Karlie's middle name "Elizabeth."

Last week: Taylor told a radio station that her "betty" character was named after a friends' kid - yet she didn't say who "betty" was based off of.

Kissing in gardens isn't kid-friendly, but it's Kaylor-friendly for sure.

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May 2015: "Bad Blood" - Karlie's Is A Real-Life Knockout

Poster of Karlie Kloss starring as Knockout in Taylor Swift's 2015 clip "Bad Blood"

Where we left off last: February 2015, with Kaylor covering Vogue's next-month issue. This (and a series of semi-appearances) served as starting-point for a soon-escalating summer.

First - as evidenced by her "Bad Blood" video - it should be mentioned that Swift's squad was in full formation. The star-studded clip saw Kloss appearing alongside fellow supermodels Lily Aldridge, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid, several singers like Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld and Zendaya, as well as many other actors and A-Listers.

Next up: Covergirls covering the catwalk on Taylor's tour.

June 2015: '1989 World Tour' - Several Shows Around The Globe

Karlie Kloss and friends join Taylor Swift on stage at the "1989 World Tour" in London
Gettyimages | Dave Hogan/TAS

Taylor's smashingly successful 1989 World Tour had a model-based modus operandi: you just never knew which ones you'd get.

A seriously full-circle moment happened when Taylor's tour stopped in London's Hyde Park. Six months prior and decked in black lingerie, the duo held hands to Swift's song "Style" as Kloss starred in the then-annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Now, in all-white, in the same city (and to the same song), they transferred the hand-holding to Taylor's runway - this time, with several squad-mates surrounded them.

The next time Karlie came to Taylor's tour is something that's still slated as key Kaylorography...see it below.

July 2015: '1989 World Tour' - Karlie 'Came Straight From Rome' And It's A Big Deal

Karlie Kloss gazes at Taylor Swift during the 2nd Met Life Stadium show on "The 1989 World Tour"
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur/LP5

Fast-forward a few weeks: The setting is New Jersey's Met Life Stadium, and a video (seen below) catches Karlie telling Taylor's team that she "came straight from Rome for this." Why does this matter?

Maybe because Taylor's had a double-header at Met Life that weekend, meaning Karlie could've, y'know, not gone the first night...but she did, and did so again the next night - even making her second on-stage stunt during "Style" (and somehow finding time to make a sign).

Scroll to see how the summer rounded out. It's one of the last light(er) moments before...whatever it was that happened in 2016/17.

August 2015: The VMAs - Glances Were Given

Karlie Kloss as a part of Taylor Swift's squad at the 2015 VMAs
Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

That August, and after her ten sold-out shows in Southern California, Taylor hit the 2015 VMAs - and of course, was flanked with famous friends.

Interestingly: Karlie was the actual wingman on the carpet, even being seated behind Swift during the show itself...a drastic departure from seat-snuggles of award-shows-past.

Don't worry; hands and eyes were wandering all over the place (before the big blackout).

See part 7 for the sadly-promised chaos...soon.

ALSO AHEAD: Taylor's DJ decoy date, Bleachella, Hiddleswift, Taymerica, Drake's birthday, etc

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