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Elizabeth's father ran into some legal woes in the past.

'90 Day Fiancé:' Elizabeth's Dad Bashed For Not Paying Child Support Years Ago And Scamming Tenants

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Elizabeth Potthast is know for being on '90 Day Fiancé where she married a man named Andrei from Maldova. Her family was very skeptical about the relationship, including her sisters and her father, Chuck, who believes that Andrei isn't doing enough to support the family that they're starting.

Chuck has ran into multiple legal issues in the past though as none of these were mentioned on the show. One was when he was arrested back in 2009 over unpaid child support, according to Distractify.

Chuck has dealt with child support payments and scamming tenants in his business.

Chuck was facing a contempt of court charge if he didn't hand over $17,564 in missed child support payments. There's no clear indication on how that was handled in the end. He also supposedly scammed tenants in his CDC Capital Investments LLC business. Tenants said that the properties rented through Chuck were already being foreclosed which resulted in them having to leave these properties. They even faced threats from a landlord of being charged three times the normal rate if they did not leave.

Chuck reportedly foreclosed properties without letting tenants know at all.

When Chuck and his son, Daniel, were contacted about this issue, they were reportedly non-responsive. One Yelp user explained how their property was foreclosed with no notice at all.

"Really need negative stats for these evil folks! Moved [into] a rental property, less than 6 months later we get a termination of the lease, giving us 2 weeks to move, claiming the house was sold! Found out the house was FORECLOSED on. No one bothered to tell us it was up for sale or foreclosure."

Chuck with his son, Daniel, while visiting Andrei and Elizabeth in Maldova.

My daughter was [without] heat for two weeks in January during the two coldest weeks in Tallahassee," said another Yelp user. "These two Pennywise clowns make [slumlords] look like Walt Disney."

Starcasm also added in 2017 how the family has a history of legal issues. Charles Potthast Jr. and Jen Potthast were arrested back in 2005 for driving with a revoked, canceled, or suspended license. In 2008, Elizabeth’s sister Becky was arrested for driving with a revoked, canceled, or suspended license.


In the latest episode of '90 Day Fiancé''s 'Happily Ever After?,' Elizabeth's family had dinner with Andrei and his family. Her brother, Daniel, continued to press Andrei about why he left Maldova and moved to Ireland in the past. This was a concern from Chuck as well and it resulted in Andrei and Daniel confronting each other at the dinner table. The scene then displayed a preview of what would happen in next week's episode. This comes after Daniel asking why Andrei was so reluctant to speak on his past.

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