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Demi Rose Gets Super Cheeky On Instagram With Her Best Friend

By Jeff Mazzeo

Demi Rose definitely did not screw the pooch! (not screwing the pooch is an idiom that means that she did not make a mistake)!

The stunning model got cheeky on Sunday but it appears that she may have lost her bikini bottoms. Demi was sunning her buns in Ibiza and let's just say that she did not want any pesky tan lines. She ditched her bottoms but wore a big hat to protect her fair skin. Her pic was anything butt boring!

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Man's Best Friend


As you can imagine, her millions of fans expressed their love for the star but she expressed her love for her adorable dog, Teddy.

"I for you and you for me 💞," she captioned the cheeky pic.

She also celebrated Teddy's fresh look after going to the groomers. "Cutest," she wrote over a fantastic gif on her IG story.

As we previously mentioned, her followers wanted Demi to throw them a bone (bad dog joke).

"My two favourites 😍," a complimentary fan commented while another said, "Even the captions be for me. 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾."

She's Got Big... Hats!


Demi definitely has a thing for accessories but more specifically, she loves big hats! It's important to keep her face free from sun damage and it is a tough challenge when you spend every day in the Ibiza sun. Over the weekend, she threw on a chic, backless, shiny sequined dress and topped it off with a pink sombrero.

In addition to hats, she is also really into spirituality and astrology signs. She is an Ares and she is not afraid to let everyone know.

"An extra Aries 💘✨," she wrote to describe her sombrero look.

Love Yourself


Last week, Rose expressed the importance of self-love and self-acceptance. She posed in front of the famed Ibiza beaches while wearing a mesh bodysuit by Pretty Little Thing.

"Self love is the real wave 🌊," she captioned the bootiful pics.

"🔥 Truth 🔥," body positive influencer, Bethany Lily April, said.

Since returning home to Ibiza last month, she has been feeling confident and really, really comfortable in her own skin... hence the bottomless pic.

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