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An amazing photo showing a black and white fur dog, with their tongues sticking out.

Famous People Who Lost Their Beautiful Furry Friends

Unsplash | Jay Wennington
By Favour

Losing a dog, is almost like losing a close friend, a companion or a confidant. It is true, dogs can’t speak, but their body language always shows that they feel what their owners are going through.

Generally, dogs are protective and caring, except trained to be otherwise. This is why it is always very sad for owners to see their dogs go. Just as it is painful for regular people, it is that way for celebrities.

Read below to find out which celebrities lost their dogs aka furry friends.

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An amazing photo of Orlando Bloom and his dog, a miniature poodle known as Mighty.
Instagram | Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom tops this list because he recently lost his dog and his fans have watched him mourn daily on Instagram. On July 17, Bloom put out a tribute to Mighty, his dog, on Instagram.

Apparently, the lad had been missing for a few days and Bloom’s family was doing all they could to find him. All the efforts put in place, including the use of sniffing dogs, proved futile at the end.

Then, on July 21, 2020, Bloom announced that his collar has been found and he is presumed dead.

RIP little one.

A photo showing Sandra Bullock giving an autograph on the back of a fan’s palm.
Instagram | Sandrabullockco

Sandra Bullock’s losses in the middle of 2018, was one of the worst things that no one should ever have to go through in life.

While her dad was struggling with his health, she got a call from home. Her nanny informed her that one of her dogs, named Ruby, suffered a stroke, so she had to be put down.

A few days later, her dad’s health became worse and she received another news that her second dog had a heart tumor and passed away after three days.

On September 18, 2018, Bullock’s father, John W. Bullock passed away.

Speaking to DeGeneres about it, the actress said a lot of things became different after these three deaths.

A photo showing Tom Hardy holding up a shirt with a foundation name printed on it.
Instagram | Tom Hardy

In 2012, Tom Hardy landed a role in a film titled “Lawless,” where he co-starred with Jessica Chastain. During the filming process, Hardy found a stray dog and named him Woodstock. He also took him back home and the duo practically became inseparable.

Several years later, Hardy took to his social media page to share the painful and sad news about the passing of his dog. He said that his furry friend had been battling polymyositis for 6 months.

Hardy celebrated his dog’s life and death by sharing a tribute video to his friend online.

A lovely black and white selfie showing Julianne Hough dressed in a black and white print outfit.
Instagram | Juleshough

Juliane Hough is not only an ex-performance on “Dancing With The Stars,” she is also a big fan of dogs. She once had two beautiful furry friends names Harley and Lexi.

The dancer did not reveal the cause of death of both her dogs, but she announced on Instagram that they passed away the same day.

Fans concluded that the deaths were tragic and sudden and they did their best to support Hough. From her Instagram post, it was clear that the actress was struggling with the passing of her beautiful dogs.

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