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Paul says police were called after Karine and her lawyer discussed divorce.

Social Media Reacts To '90 Day Fiance''s Paul's Alleged Fight With Wife Karine Where Police Were Called

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins are back on '90 Day Fiance' this year as they're on the show's 'Happily Ever After?' series. Paul gets Karine to move back to America with him to his home state of Kentucky and the two get to a very rocky start. Karine doesn't like the homes that he proposes that they could live in which results in Karine saying this needs to get fixed soon or she'd threaten to go back to her home country of Brazil soon.

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Paul was confused as to why police were called to the home.

Karine finally ended up approving of a small house that Paul was able to find on his strict budget. This all came after his mother said she wouldn't loan him any more money as he's in his 30s now and he has to take care of his family. The house was obtained after Karine accused Paul of being a bad husband as well. On July 30 though, things might've reached the end of their relationship after police were called to their home.

Paul Staehle- Instagram

According to a live stream posted by Paul to his Instagram, police were called to his and Karine's home by her and her lawyer. This came in the aftermath of a crazy fight that took place. (Assumed to be verbally) The police drove up to the home as Paul said Karine and the lawyer called them and he is not making this up. Paul told the officers that he had no idea why they were called and how he had done nothing wrong.

Paul claimed that Karine went to another man's home to drink beer while their son was there.

"I'm pro-police. I have nothing against you guys. I just want to know what's going on." added Paul, "We were doing a call, I look over, I see her talking to a Brazilian lawyer about child support and divorce. I asked her what's going on with this."

Paul then claimed that Karine felt offended when asked about specific text messages. He then said there was a Child Protective Services investigation against her. This is due to the claim that Karine went off to another man's home to drink beef with their 1-year-old son there as well.


The day before that incident, Paul claimed that Karine pushed him as he did nothing to her. When police were called in this incident, Karine's friend even spoke and said Karine wanted to go stay in a shelter because Paul controlled everything in her life.

On and off TV, Paul and Karine continue to show that their marriage doesn't look repairable. This is what many believe on social media as well as the two aren't compatible at all and the marriage is just full of arguments. In May, they announced that their second child was on the way as well. We will see what else unfolds with the two publicly on TLC this Sunday at 8pm ET.

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