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Halsey looks gorgeous on Instagram

Halsey Keeps It Real On Instagram Telling Fans What She 'Guards Like Gold'

Halsey / Instagram
By Rima Pundir

Halsey was an absolute gem over the weekend as she let her fans have another peek into what's real for her, and how she's pretty much as human as the rest of the not-so-famous mere mortals.

In a series of three posts, the singer-songwriter yet again kept it very real for social media, showing what it is to be a celebrity in the most grounded way possible.

She displayed her two sides, told her fans what she has to guard like gold on tour, and has no defense, period!

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Bikinis Are Her

Halsey in a bikini on Instagram
Halsey / Instagram

In the one set of twin pictures, Halsey dressed up for the camera in the first click, and then dressed down for the second.

She captioned the pic, "me vs also me" and donned a floral smocked bikini for the first picture, looking like an absolute treat.

One fan wrote, "a crumb" with laughing emojis after, referring to the obvious diss Halsey received from her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy, mocking the very visible fact that Halsey is one whole delicious treat! No crumbs here...

So Are Freckles

Halsey keeps it real and makeup-free on Instagram
Halsey / Instagram

In the second pic, a selfie, Halsey is sitting in her car making a rather wry face for the camera with all her freckles in tow.

One fan commented, "why is she a mood all the time?" while another wrote, "looks absolutely gorgeous in both".

And it's true, while the first pic is definitely more dramatic, her second picture is soft and Halsey glows through, the freckles adding elfin charm to her face.

Of course, Halsey has often taken to Instagram to keep it real for her fans, freckles and all...

And Heavy-Duty Spectacles

Halsey's contacts are a treasure
Halsey / Instagram

In a more recent picture, Halsey is shown wearing some heavy-duty glasses and she captioned her pic as, "Random fact u might not know about me: I’ve worn glasses since I was 6! I have 20/800 vision. I guard my contact lenses on tour like gold, cause without them I wouldn’t make it 2 feet on to the stage".

While many fans adored her honestly, there were some who chose to comment snarkily, "Wouldn't someone mega-rich get laser eye surgery or whatever..."

The Tattoos Are Real Too

Halsey goes nude for Instagram
Halsey / Instagram

Of course, there are those who love her for showing people that even the "mega-rich" are just normal people, and one fan commented, "I’ve never recognized a purer face".

Many other myopic fans also chose to stand by their idol, finding commonality to bond over.

Still, other fans harped about those gorgeous tattoos, which Halsey had shown off spectacularly by going buff on social media, and fans went gaga over the pic too.

As one comment read, "so happy to see you thriving🖤", well, ditto Halsey, ditto! Thrive on...

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