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Simone looking over her shoulder at the camera

Celebrity Photographer Annie Leibovitz Gets Dragged For Her Lackluster, ‘Racist’ Simone Biles ‘Vogue’ Cover

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By Kay Lewis

Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is under fire for her latest “Vogue” magazine cover. The magazine feature Olympian gymnast Simone Biles showing off her fantastic flexibility. Unfortunately, fans were not impressed with the photographer’s end results. “Its just bad photography. It shows the photographers lack of appreciation for her skin tone, why would you not want to highlight that?” shared one fan who echoed the sentiment of many. The photos featured Biles in horrible lighting, poorly poses and beautiful outfits that looked ridiculous in that horrible lighting.

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The Photos Looked Horrible

Simone smiling in a black and white selfie
@simonebiles IG

Fans debated whether or not the photos were acceptable. “I don’t get it that’s her skin tone so no need to edit I’m just saying,” wrote one fan. While another got her together real quick with a few facts of her own. “It’s all intentional. Shitty lighting, shittily matched and blended makeup, hairstyles done by stylists without any skill. Is it supposed to be a coincidence that they can imitate our features on themselves perfectly but have us looking f***ed up when they do our makeup and hair etc...?”

A Lengthy Conversation Began

Annie Liebovitz at an event talking

The follower went on to encourage fans to take a step back and really think about the pictures and how they represent the gymnast. “I mean REALLY look at some of the mainstream hair and makeup ads and look at the precision and beautiful colors on some models more than others. We always get the shit that looks f***ing tacky.” This sparked a conversation about other black celebrities who have been featured on other magazine covers looking phenomenal good lighting and all.

Social Media Went Nuts

Simone showing off her Nike fit; a white sports bra and matching shorts
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A thread shared by @respectmyhair featured a few other magazines and their treatment of black artists like Issa Rae and Michaela Coel. One follower suggested that they should have looked harder for a better, more diverse photographer. “They should have got Itaysha Jordan who shot Issa Rae for Essence”. Another fan suggested a way they could have edited the photos better. “Minor color edits would’ve gone a loooong way. Did this in like 5 minutes on photoshop in my phone,” they uploaded a convincing and spectacular edit that should put Leibovitz to shame.

Annie Has Been Called Out Before

Simone taking a smiling selfie with a messy top bun
@simonebiles IG

This is not the first time the uber popular photographer made questionable edits to one of her many “Vogue” magazine covers. One follower reminded fans of the LeBron James and Gisele Bündchen cover where the photographer seemingly re-created a King Kong type of situation. She likened James to a big gorilla grabbing and running With Bündchen in one arm and a basketball in the other. A follower noted, “The issue with Annie Leibovitz is not just about skill, it really can’t be. It’s the racism.” Bloop!

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