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A photo showing Boosie in a skintight designer pant and white shirt. He also paired his outfit with designer sneakers and gold chains around his neck.

Boosie Sides With R. Kelly, Says He Owns More Hits Than Michael Jackson

Gettyimages | Bennett Raglin
By Favour

Boosie Badazz, also known as Torrence Hatch Jr. was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S on November 14, 1982. He is an American scrapper, singer, actor and record producer. His music genres include; gangsta rap, hip-hop and Southern hip-hop.

Boosie, as he is popularly called, has been active in the industry since 1996. In his line of work, entertaining fans comes first before any other thing and so far, he has been doing an excellent job. He has associated himself with top musicians like DJ Khalid, Pimp C, YoungBoy and many others.

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When it comes to music and performance, Boosie no doubt has a high rating. He knows the books and crannies of the music world and how to stay in the spotlight doing what you love the most.

Recently, the rapper was invited as a guest to an interview with VladTV. The network wanted to know Boosie’s stance on the ‘entanglement’ drama between Jada Pinkett-Smith and August Alsina. One of the reasons why he was invited to the show, was because he had been open about his criticism and dropped two jokes against Will Smith on his Instagram page.

Boosie looks amazing in the midst of his fans, during a performance.
Twitter | Boosie BadAzz

Although Boosie came to the interview for the sole purpose of speaking about the Smiths and Alsina, things took a different turn. Well, what can you expect from someone who is into music.

The interview dashed into musical talents and entertainment in general and the topic of discussion was R.Kelly. While they were speaking, Boosie noted that as long as talent is the order of the day, he believes that R.Kelly is the best. The interviewer tried to mention to the rapper, the names of other top artists, but Boosie was not shaken.

A photo of Boosie at an event, dressed in a red sweater and matching pant, with gold accessories around his neck, fingers and wrist.
Gettyimages | Marcus Ingram

Furthermore, Boosie proclaimed that if R-Kelly was to engage in a ‘Verzuz’ battle, he would ace anyone that stood in his way. Note that in Boosie’s words, the former R&B singer is more talented than the likes of Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, and so on.

R. Kelly has been in prison for some months, following accusations of rape and sexual assault of underage girls laid against him. In March 2020, the singer was filed with new charges by the Federal prosecutor's office and is awaiting another trial.

A lovely photo of Boosie captured in the moment as he is speaking holding a microphone to his mouth.
Gettyimages | Bryan Bedder

Boosie’s statement sparked up a divided fan-base on social media as some people applauded for speaking the truth and others think he is delusional.

When it comes to controversy, it seems like the 37-year-old rapper thrives on it. A few months ago, a photo of Boosie wearing a Kappa shirt and sitting court side made it to the internet. This quickly attracted the attention of a particular fraternity and he was called out for it.

In return, Boosie said that if he is not allowed to wear such a shirt, then the Kappa group shouldn’t stream or listen to his hit song titled “Wipe Me Down.”

After a while, Boosie apologized for his statements and everyone moved on.

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