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Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss

Taylor Swift Rekindles Karlie Kloss Romance Rumors, Model Responds With Her 'Happy Place'

Taylor Swift | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Taylor Swift sourced mass panic yesterday after announcing her forthcoming album "folklore" was coming within hours. It dropped at midnight, and thanks to some forthright lyrics, Swift's high-profile relationship with supermodel Karlie Kloss is getting a complete comb-through...again.

The leggy pair, who seemed inseparable circa 2014, were met with much media scrutiny due to their "hands-on" approach to female friendship.

Kloss went on to marry businessman Joshua Kushner in 2018, almost completely confirming that she and Swift had parted company (of any kind) - Taylor was notably not at Karlie's wedding, nor was Karlie at Taylor's birthday that year.

Hours after Taylor's July 23rd album announcement, Karlie herself fueled the #Kaylor fire by sharing an almost-identical Instagram compared here:

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#Kaylor Is A 'Rabbithole' That 'Spans Years'

Taylor Swift kisses Karlie Kloss on the cheek
Karlie Kloss | Instagram

Mirroring Taylor's outdoor album cover (from <4 hours prior), Karlie was seeing hugging trees, saying it was her "happy place 😌."

The "Kaylor" story's been stacking up for 6+ Karlie's post isn't as simple as it seems.

As Vulture wrote today: "There’s a rabbithole of content devoted to the alleged romantic relationship — 'Kaylor' — between Kloss and Swift that spans years."

"You’ll start out watching old videos from Victoria’s Secret fashion shows and before you know it you’ll be google mapping routes to Big Sur and looking at the description of a secluded inn in the woods that is 'suitable primarily for couples' and boasts no cell service or internet connectivity and that Swift and Kloss allegedly stayed at together."

Karlie Kloss Suspected Subject Of Taylor Swift Song 'Betty' (& It 'Makes Sense')

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss holds hand at the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Gettyimages | Tristan Fewings

If you're new to the #Kaylor narrative - after listening to Taylor's "folklore" and doing some digging, the outlet says you'll be saying "Yes. This makes sense. How did I not see it.'"

"You’ll see pictures of a now-deleted black and white Instagram Swift posted where her bangs are mostly obscuring her face but you can still see her smile and Kloss is kissing her cheek and they look like the happiest femme couple you ever did see."

Several of Swift's new songs lead back to the Kaylor trail - but the big buzz is about "betty," aka track 14.

Listen to Taylor Swift's "betty" below

Taylor Swift Supposedly Used 'Psuedonyms'

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Gettyimages | Karwai Tang

"'Betty' is told from the perspective of a 17-year-old named James who’s in love with someone named Betty but ruins their relationship because of a mistake they made," StyleCaster said earlier.

It's thought that "James and Betty are pseudonyms for Swift and Kloss. Swift is named after the singer James Taylor (hence the James in 'Betty'), whereas Kloss’ middle name is Elizabeth, which can be shortened to 'Betty.' (Think Elizabeth 'Betty' Cooper in Riverdale.)"

Taylor also mentions someone named "Inez" in the song, leading others to believe that she's simply nodding at the kids of her close friends - A-List actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

#Kaylor Candle Burns Brightly After 5-Year Outage

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift at a New York Knicks game
Karlie Kloss | Instagram

Since Swift "conveniently" name-dropped two of Blake and Ryan's daughters (and they haven't publically said what their 3rd daughter is named), E! News reports that the child's "mystery name may in fact be a track title on Swift's new album—specifically track 14, 'betty.'"

And Taylor loves a good mystery. During peak "Kaylor" days, Swift tried to shut down down the tabloids who were saying she and Karlie were together, writing on Twitter that she'd "like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me."

All of Taylor's past tweets were wiped ahead of her 2017 "reputation" album, and the #Kaylor candle's stayed pretty much snuffed...until today, that is. 🕯️

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