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Britney Spears Didn't Appear In Court Today - Are 'Technical Difficulties' To Blame?

Britney Spears | Instagram
By Alyssa McCraw

Britney Spears' court date didn't go as planned.

The 38-year-old pop star was set to virtually appear in front of a judge today (alongside her parents Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears) to discuss her 12-year long conservatorship case.

Yet official documents obtained by The Blast confirm that Britney Spears did not make it to the July 22nd hearing - the LA County Court's report listed ten names as being present, but hers was not one of them.


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Minute Order from Britney Spears' July 22 conservatorship hearing
The Blast

As stated in today's doc:

"The following parties are present for the aforementioned proceeding: Samuel Ingham, Attorney; Jodi Montgomery, Nominee; James Spears, Petitioner; Lynne Spears, Interested Party; Lauriann Wright. Attorney for Petitioner; Geraldine Wyle Attorney; Jeryll Cohen, Attorney; Yasha Bronshteyn, Attorney; Gladstone N. Jones; Otis King"

On the "defense," Britney's dad (and longtime conservator) Jamie Spears requested that the rest of his daughter's case be locked from public view...which was actually evidenced before/above the list of names ("NATURE OF PROCEEDINGS: Motion - Seal filed on March 12, 2020 by James P. Spears.")

See what the judge had to say about all this ⚖️⬇️⚖️

#FreeBritney Thinks Other Things Happened

GIPHY | FOX Teen Choice

Looks like the world won't be seeing what's happening with Britney's conservatorship anymore, because "The Motion - Seal filed on March 12, 2020 by James P. Spears is granted."

"The Court grants the motion to seal the transcript, conditionally seal the Status Report filed pending a further motion, and the motion to clear and close the courtroom."

Today's minute order concluded by saying that "James Spears is ordered to prepare the Order After Hearing."

Meanwhile, #FreeBritney supporters gathered outside the courthouse allege that something else happened to prevent the "Piece of Me" songstress from appearing.

#FreeBritney Fans Rally At Courthouse (Despite Being Barred) - Claim Britney 'Wasn't Able To Connect'

Britney Spears promotes her new mobile app (in 2016)
Britney Spears | Facebook

As reported by The Blast, #FreeBritney fans were barred from entering the courthouse - but it didn't stop them from rallying outdoors.

A 3:30 PM PDT Twitter update showed fans on-site saying that the queen of pop was "trying to connect (to the video call) but was having technical difficulties."

Over on Instagram, Los Angeles-based user @freebritneyla interviewed another fan who felt that "no one's taking it seriously."

The woman's supposition was that "everyone in there (the courtroom) is on their phone, laughing, cracking jokes."

A second person interviewed outside the court said today's "connection problems" were caused by "people hacking into the system; into the video call."

New Court Date Supposedly Slated

Britney Spears in a long-sleeved white shirt
Britney Spears | Facebook

The man then said "the judge had to call some technical people in and fix the issue."

He also alleges that they "finally got it fixed, [but] by that time were waiting for CPS to show up." When CPS arrived, he claims, the judge said it was "too late" and proceeded to reschedule.

What's being said now: Britney Spears' new day in court will be Wednesday, August 19th.

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