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Britney Spears Gets Spiritual With 'Third Eye' Talk

Britney Spears / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Britney Spears is aligning her chakras and reminding fans to stay in touch with the pathway to a higher spiritual understanding as she prepares for a monumental moment in her life as her conservatorship case heads back to court. The Princess of Pop hit up Instagram on Tuesday afternoon with a message of spirituality and power, and seemed to be asking her millions of fans to tap into themselves and stay positive, just as she has been harnessing her own energy for the days ahead.

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The Invisible Eye

Britney Spears / Instagram

39-year-old Britney shared a beautiful and mystical photo with her near 26 million fans and dropped a message about staying in touch with your "third eye."

"This picture is your third eye …. the third eye is the locus of occult power and wisdom !!!! It also refers to the gate that leads to the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness …. in spirituality terms it is the state of enlightenment having deeply spiritual significance !!!!" Britney explained to the masses.

Don't Get Blocked

Britney Spears / Instagram

The "Womanizer" singer also explained how anxiety impacts the spiritual gate, which is something she's dealt with throughout her life.

"The third eye can get blocked or damaged due to anxiety so you have to stay in touch with it ….. especially since it has to be open to work spiritually !!!!! I hope you can understand more about your third eye by reading this."

Britney has been open about her issues with anxiety and pressures over the years, and is trying to use her own experiences to help others.

Positive Energy

Britney Spears / Instagram

Fans enjoyed the divine news from Britney and dropped some love in the comments of her post.

"Love you Britney! This was very interesting to read. I love your posts ❤️❤️ stay positive Brit," one fan wrote.

"Lead us to the light!" another commented.

Positive praise from fans is great, especially as Britney gears up for a big day Wednesday as her conservatorship case is heard in court after months of being stalled due to COVID-19. Britney has reportedly asked for more freedom in her life, and fewer restrictions due to the conservatorship.

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