Jesy Nelson is approaching her year anniversary of being a solo artist and disbanding from Little Mix.

Last December, the former Little Mix member announced she’d be exiting the group.

Unfortunately, Jesy’s big break onto the solo scene was met with a lot of criticism, backlash and claims of blackfishing.

This is an issue her former bandmates discussed with her, which led to some tension. This isn’t the only thing Little Mix and Jesy butted heads about.

Jade and Perrie are singing “I Feel Pretty” on a tour bus and as they ramp up their impromptu performance, off-camera you can hear Jesy yell, “Get a grip!”

Both Perrie and Jade stop singing and completely shut down. Perrie hops onto her phone and Jade stares out into the abyss with pure shock and horror.

Jesy follows up saying, “That’s better. Silence is what I like. I feel like I've been living on a bus with a bunch of two-year-olds!”

There is the possibility she was in on the joke and it was all said in good fun, but there’s also the possibility she was being 100 percent truthful.

The TikTok was captioned, “Throwback to when the girls were having the time of their lives singing and Jesy screamed at them and they stopped.”