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Khloé Kardashian looks amazing in this chic pattered dress that shows off her curves an signature blonde hair.

Khloé Kardashian Again Gives Fans Reason To Believe She Is Not Slowing Down On Facial Surgery

Gettyimages | ZAK BENNETT
By Favour

Khloé Kardashian has been keeping her fans on their toes recently on social media and sadly it isn't for a good reason. Fans are not eager to see other versions of her because it seems like the entrepreneur wears a different kind of face masks every time she takes a selfie. A few weeks ago, she took to her Instagram page to share a selfie of herself and the comment section of the post was filled with fans asking who it was in the photo.

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Khloé Kardashian poses for a lovely selfie in her car and she looks amazing.
Instagram | Khloé Kardashian

Since then, fans have been trying to figure out why she looks different every time she takes a photo. After the unusual photo went viral, two professionals came out to explain the real reason why the 36-year-old looks very different.

It has gotten to the point where her fans no longer know what or who to expect behind the camera when she posts a video or photo and this has many worried. Either way, she does not seem bothered about the change, neither is she freaked out that her fans no longer recognize her.

Khloé Kardashian looks chic in this iconic selfie taken in her car.
Instagram | Khloé Kardashian

Khloé's recent Instagram photo has once again put her fan in a confused state. Many of them are starting to wonder if she is having repeated facial surgeries or just making use of filters and photo-shops on her pictures. Its's unlikely that they will get a response any time soon as the American media personality has refrained from commenting on her fans' thoughts.

Speaking of her new string of selfies that have fans more worried than ever, read below to find out what it entailed.

Giphy | E!

Two days ago, Khloé posted three different selfie while she was out on a drive. She captioned the photos with an emoji of a horse riding. The post had over 1.9 million likes and thousands of comments. Some of her fans commented on how amazing she looked in the selfies while others talked about how different she looked again.

"Didn't even recognise if it's the actual Khloé" A user said.

"Hey who's that?" Another user commented.

Some fans praised the mother-of-one and said that she looked amazing.

A photo of Khloé Kardashian in a white see-through corset and denim pant that ent viral and shocked her fans.
Instagram | Khloé Kardashian

In the photos, Khloé's lips were extra plump and the nude lipstick she had on made it very visible. Although the look is not so different from her last one, but fans are still perplexed as to how she looks different in every new upload.

One fan practically shamed Khloé for trying so hard to change her entire look.

"It's so sad that she felt she had to change her entire face and body and voice." The user said in agreement to a comment.

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