Britney Spears had a crappy day yesterday, but thankfully she’s got the perfect recipe for happiness.

On Tuesday, November 30 she had to make a pit stop at gas station to use the public restroom.

Photos of her using the public restroom were published.

Britney was not happy about the invasion of privacy and decided to dance the pain away with a little message.

Britney danced to Madonna’s “Vogue” and showed off multiple sexy outfits in heels.

I had a s****y day yesterday 💩💩💩 !!! Paps took pics of me coming out of a public bathroom ….. I mean how embarrassing is that ???” she captioned the video

She explained she threw herself a “PFC” aka “Party For Confidence”

The rules to throwing a “PCF” include wearing heels and aa dress, throw sparkles on your body, play Nicki Minaj loud, slap on some lip gloss and keep your head held high.

Britney concluded her lesson in confidence writing, “I mean I’ve NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE EVER …. Except for last night of course 😂💋🤷🏼‍♀️😜 !!!!”