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Rob Kardashian poses for photographers

Rob Kardashian Is 'Much Happier,' As He Returns To The Spotlight

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg
By Chris Barilla

It appears that Rob Kardashian is amidst a bit of a resurgence in his personal and public life, making a return to social media and public appearances in the best way possible.

The 33-year-old star has notably been quiet and out of the spotlight for some time as he dealt with a myriad of personal issues, including struggles with his ex Blac Chyna, but now his outward appearance and confirmation from sources goes to show how much Kardashian is really putting into being genuinely happy.

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Rob and Kourtney Kardashian smile for photographers
Rob Kardashian / Instagram

A source for 'Entertainment Tonight' explained that Kardashian reached the decision to make health and family his priorities after a long stint of griping with the more tumultuous aspects of his life in the past.

"Rob is in the best place, he hasn’t been doing this well in years. He’s been taking his workouts and eating well serious and has seen significant results. Rob is much happier and has been around his family more after years of being a homebody," the source commented.

Rob Kardashian and friends pose for a photo
Rob Kardashian / Instagram

"Rob and his family are excited for this new journey Rob is on," they added.

According to an interview from last July with Khloé Kardashian, Rob had been spending time at Kim Kardashian's home, working out there and receiving motivation from the KKW Beauty owner.

"He goes to Kim's, he's worked out for, like, the past five days or so, and he's kicking a**, and I just want Rob to do what's best for him and what makes him happy," she commented about her brother and sister's workout routine at the time.

Rob Kardashian photographed candidly
Rob Kardashian / Instagram

Further corroborating​ Kardashian's current success is another source close to the family for 'E! Online', explaining that Rob is doing the best he has been in years and is finally comfortable going out and being photographed.

"For a long time, he was unhappy and embarrassed about the way he looked. He knows he looks better. He is comfortable enough to be photographed. He wants people to know that he is doing well," the source said of Kardashian, who commands roughly 1.5 million Instagram followers.

Rob Kardashian poses with friends
Rob Kardashian / Instagram

It appears that all the time at home hasn't been much of a negative for Kardashian, who has reportedly been enjoying the abundance of quality time he has with his daughter, Dream.

"Rob has been thriving during quarantine. He is loving spending time with Dream and entertaining her with activities. He is always sharing her milestones with his sisters and loves teaching her new things. Dream is his number one priority," the source added about how well Kardashian has bonded with his daughter recently.

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