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Ayesha Curry poses by a lake

Ayesha Curry Distracts Instagram With Butt Wiping In Mango Salad Video

Ayesha Curry/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Ayesha Curry just did what every single one of us does – having kitchen towels on the counter, but somehow still wiping those sticky hands down on our clothes. The 31-year-old cookbook queen and wife to NBA star Steph Curry updated her Instagram on Friday with a little grill action that also earned her some cash. Her video, coming as a paid partnership with Bounty, set out to show her prepping spice grilled salmon with charred onion and a mango salad. Comments now see fans spotting the butt wipe – and making a giant hoopla over it.

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Says Gordon Ramsay Has Met His Match

Ayesha Curry poses in a bedroom by a mirror
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

Scroll for the video. It showed Ayesha solo and in a backyard grill area. "All right Chef Ramsay," the star said as she stood grill-side and wearing high-waisted jeans and a white top. "I see your turkey burger and I need you whip." The "delicious" spice-rub salmon seen by the grill then got a full explanation – of course, the Bounty kitchen towels also featured, with Ayesha seen getting her hands messy. Ayesha did pat the raw salmon dry. She then snuck in a sneaky butt wipe on her jeans.

Caption Says 'Might Look Messy'

Ayesha Curry poses by a stove cooking
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

A caption from Ayesha read: "Celebrating perfect grilling weather with one of my favorite recipes – spice grilled salmon with charred onion and mango salad. Might look a bit messy, but the #QuickerPickerUpper is the perfect sidekick. I’ve topped @gordongram with this. 😆@carlaphall, it’s your move! @bountypapertowels #BountyPartner." Racking up over 59 likes was a comment saying: "Looks great! You have Bounty wipes and still managed to wipe your hands on your jeans! 🤷🏽‍♀️🙃🤣." And those comments kept on coming.

'The Pants Wipe For Me'

Ayesha Curry poses in a bikini
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

It just kept going. "The pants wipe for me," one fan wrote. "When you do an ad for the quicker picker up but still need to dry your hands on your jeans," another said. Ayesha – who faced backlash for getting paid in her Play-Doh promo earlier this year – was also told:" Paper towels and you clean your hands on your jeans after you season your salmon...Just saying!!! Where is your apron?" The star did not ignore the remarks. In fact, she replied.

Admits Touching Her Butt 'When I Get Nervous'

Ayesha Curry poses straddling Steph in swimwear
Ayesha Curry/Instagram

Ayesha got in on the fun. She replied to one of the comments, saying: "No just a nervous habit...I touch my butt when I'm looking for things and when I get nervos LOL. @fabyoulush brought this to my attention the other day." Ayesha may speak out with the light-hearted stuff, but the "Sweet July" founder has stayed very quiet on IG since being slapped with a $10 million lawsuit earlier this year. The mom of three has, however, made cheerful headlines for turning 31 in lock-down, plus enjoying a stunning patio dinner date with husband Steph.

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