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Mike "Boogie" Malin and Will Kirby

'Big Brother' Star Mike 'Boogie' Arrested for Threating 'Dr. Will'

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By A. Elise

While Dr. Will Kirby and Mike “Boogie” Malin may have been the most memorable duo in “Big Brother” history, the former members of the “Chilltown” alliance seemingly struggle in their relationship. Now, half of the duo has been arrested for sending threatening messages.

Malin, 49, allegedly became infuriated that Kirby did not want to appear with him on another show. Malin allegedly wrote disturbing messages to Kirby, ending in his arrest.

Here's how the two met and what has transpired over the years.

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Kirby and Malin met in July of 2001 when they were featured on “Big Brother 2.” Kirby was a 28-year-old doctor and Malin owned a bar. The two connected early on and formed an alliance. In spite of their partnership, Malin was eliminated early in the show. Kirby won.

The two met again in 2006’s “Big Brother: All-Stars.” They controlled the house throughout the season, and Malin won. Malin returned for “Big Brother 14” in 2012 but was eliminated before the jury house opened.

Mike "Boogie" Malin and Will Kirby pretending to talk on the phone
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Kirby has been able to make a name for himself with appearances on other outlets, including “The Doctors” and “The Price Is Right.” He also became a reporter for “Life and Style.”

It would appear that Malin and Kirby remained friendly after appearing on "Big Brother," but some issues seem to have popped up in their lives that kept them from building the strongest relationship.

Within the last two years, CBS asked Kirby and Malin to appear on a season of “The Amazing Race.” Kirby opted not to appear.

Will Kirby and Julie Chen smiling
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Kirby’s refusal to appear on the competitive reality show with Malin apparently upset him. Malin allegedly sent text messages to Kirby that disturbed him. In response, Kirby blocked Malin. They stopped speaking and everything seemed to calm down.

Apparently, Malin became upset with Kirby about the situation again and began sending him threatening emails. One message included a picture of a gun pointed at a screen which was featuring photos of Kirby’s children. Believing the message to be a threat about his family, Kirby contacted the Los Angeles Police Department and FBI. Messages from Malin apparently kept coming in, and Malin was arrested.

Julie Chen sitting on the set of "Big Brother 21"
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Malin was charged with making felony criminal threats, and Kirby filed a restraining order against him. An investigation is in the works, and Malin is expected to appear in court in July of 2020.

Recently, Malin has spoken about Kirby to the public as well. In a video, Malin said that Kirby is “not a good person, not a good person at all.”

In other news, “Big Brother 22” is still expected to premiere this summer amid coronavirus concerns. Many people that this coming season will be an “all-stars” season, bringing back previous contestants.

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