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Lindsay Lohan poses for a photo

Lindsay Lohan 'A Solid 9.5' In Skimpy Spandex For Her Morning Yoga

Gettyimages | Michael Buckner
By Rebecca Cukier

Lindsay Lohan took less than an hour to be called a "solid 9.5" today. The 33-year-old actress and singer – currently living in Dubai – shared a rare workout selfie on Sunday, showing her 8.5 million Instagram followers that her stunning yoga body is alive and well. Lindsay, who famously battled substances back in the 2000s, is busy revamping her image amid new music drops and a rumored return to acting. The girl who feels there's a "misconception" about her set the record straight with this photo.

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Slamming Yoga Body Rakes In 750 Comments In 2 Hours

Lindsay Lohan

Scroll for the photo now seeing Lindsay called the "queen of yoga" – sadly, amid a trolling "cocaine and vodka" comment quickly gaining likes. We'll lay out how ugly that got below. Lindsay had snapped herself in selfie mode and from a tiled floor in her home, appearing 100% makeup-free as she showed off a seriously ripped body in high-waisted and white spandex bike shorts, plus a skimpy matching sports bra. Lohan, barefoot, posed with a waist-placed hand, plus her trademark red hair worn in a ponytail. Reactions were...positive and not-so-positive.

Instagram Thinks She's Still Got It

Lindsay Lohan poses on the floor in shorts
Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

Lindsay clocked herself over 78,000 likes in two hours for her selfie, with her caption reading: "Starting the day with yoga 🌞." Lindsay's followers, who tend to be supportive, largely showed their warm-hearted sides, with one saying: "Looking beautiful as always." A likewise flattering remark read: "You always look so amazingly beautiful!!! 🔥😍💯," with the "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" star also being told she "invented" yoga – clearly, the word isn't just for 38-year-old pop princess Britney Spears. As to Lindsay being a near-10, she was told: "Starting off the day with a solid 9.5" by one fan.

And then it got kind of ugly.

Says She Starts With Yoga, Fan Says 'And A Batch Of Cocaine & Vodka'

Lindsay Lohan poses in lingerie
Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

Lindsay – whose rehab stints were once high profile, with a 2013 Oprah reveal seeing her open up on substance abuse – did find herself trolled. 59 likes were left to a remark replying to the "Xanax" singer's caption. It read: "And also a batch of cocaine and vodka." While the words got likes, fans did not appear in the mood to see their favorite starlet bullied.

"Wow, so original," one fan replied. Another, meanwhile, wrote: "@evanquigs she has stopped. You don't know ANY ONE that made mistakes or partied too much? Really . P.s., ppl know whom she is. You mad ......ha ha." Scroll for what she has to say about her past.

Thinks There's A 'Misconception' Over Her

Lindsay Lohan at a talk show
Gettyimages | Bravo

Lindsay, rumored this year to star alongside Mickey Rourke in supernatural thriller "Cursed" has opened up on her high-profile and somewhat messy past. The star's 2007 DUI mugshots likely haven't been forgotten by her fans. The actress spoke to Variety in 2019, prompted to respond over why people "don't want to hire her."

"I think there’s a misconception that people still have about me, and I think it’s unfortunate. Hopefully, this will change people’s perception once and for all," she told the magazine.

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